New York Giants Need The Luck of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of our Irish readers here at NYG Reporter. I made a cup of coffee today and decided to check out the available linebackers in free agency AGAIN. I saw that fan favorite Kirk Morrison is still available as well as D’Qwell Jackson. I also noticed a name that all Giants fans are familiar with, Nick Grieson. It got me wondering if the G-men will really pick up a linebacker via free agency or if there is a big trade on the horizon in New York. I’m sure that new DC Perry Fewell will be able to make the most of the players he gets. I just do not think the Giants would be willing to place all of that responsibility on a rookie LB or a linebacker that they feel they are “settling” on via free agency. This leads me to believe that a big trade is coming before the season starts. The Giants have no choice but to find a new defensive general.

So then I started thinking about the possible trades the Giants could make, in order to upgrade their soft spot in the middle of the defense. This is where I hit a wall. The Giants need a true star and leader at the MLB position. They need an Eli Manning on defense to lead by example and bolster that group of players. In order to get a star of that caliber, Big Blue would need to give up a serious player and probably some draft picks. Who do you think would be worth trading away and what player would be worthy of giving up so much for? There aren’t very many star linebackers in the league at the moment and the ones who are, will certainly not be available for a trade. And I now find myself back to square one. This is the most confusing aspect of the Giants off season moves in my opinion. This is a critical piece to either find success or have another mediocre season.

What do you think the Giants should do about the middle linebacker position before the year gets started?

RD –

6 Responses to New York Giants Need The Luck of the Irish

  1. Kyle L. says:

    Rob, You are totally off base on this idea in my opinion. Last season, Jerry Reese held out and didn’t deal for a wide-out when everyone believed that The Giants were a team who were ready to compete now and win it all.

    Jerry Reese said: “It’s not my job to make sure The Giants compete for a championship this year. It’s my job to make sure they compete for one every year.”

    Following that very mentality, he drafted Nicks, which was a great decision. I questioned it too. I knew the bust rate of receivers and I knew that no Giant receiver had ever contributed before year 3 other than like Homer Jones.

    I scoffed. But I trusted the decision.

    I have said it before and Ill say it again, This past season has truly blurred your vision of this team. Your paniked about the future of it. Thats understandable.

    But Jerry Reese isn’t.

    He wont fold and do any type of deal that your referencing. It simply won’t happen.

    Also, I must question the logic of “Andre Brown will be back this year” (Torn Achilles)


    “We need to draft a safety high because Phillips won’t be healthy”

    Just take a step back from 2009 for a second. Look at it this way: We beat Dallas twice. Came within one play of beating San Diego and Philly. That would have put us at 10 wins (beating Philly and SD) before even getting to the Carolina/Min games.

    10 wins… With that bad a coaching and that many injuries. It was the worst I ever saw in both regards. And They were still competitive.

    If Phillips, Brown, Ross, and the offensive line are all healthy… We dont even need the draft. Thats just extra.

    What was the biggest difference between us and Dallas this past season? They had zero injuries. NO ONE on injured reserve. And we beat them twice.

    Just relax and take a deep breath. Reese won’t do this deal. He will draft McClain or Weatherspoon and if everyone else is healthy on the DL and the secondary, you wont even notice that they are a rookie by week 4.

  2. Kyle L. says:

    If your so convinced that we will have a mediocre season this year if we dont deal for a MLB… Tell me, what were you saying this time last year?

    “We will have a mediocre season if we dont deal for a WR.”

    Not only did Reese not do that, but by not doing it he was able to secure Nicks, your boy Sintim, and future LT Beatty.

    One of which would not be here plus Nicks would be replaced with who? Braylon Edwards? Anquan Boldin?

    No. Reese did the right thing. And he will again

    • robdomaine says:

      I never said that we would have a mediocre season last year if we didn’t get a WR. I was clearly concerned like anyone with a brain would be when you lose your number one and number two WR’s.

  3. robdomaine says:

    Hey Kyle, are you ever going to have anything positive to say? You keep telling me to relax and take deep breaths and take a step back like there is something wrong with me. There is no way on God’s green earth that Tom Coughlin or Jerry Reese will allow a rookie Middle Linebacker to lead this team. There is zero chance of that happening. Not McClain or Weatherspoon or Spikes or any of them.

    They will absolutely bring in a veteran LB before the season starts. In fact, I will make you a bet. If I am wrong, I will delete my entire site here and never write again. But if you are wrong, then you delete all of your accounts and never write again either. Let’s put some muscle behind this hustle and make it interesting. So far, my analysis has been right most of the time so I’m not worried.

    What do you say? Do we have a bet?

  4. Padua says:

    LOL, you two should get a room…

    Rob, I completelly understand your line of thoughts, and tend to agree with them, however, deep in my heart I don’t see Jerry Reese making a flashy trade.

    Although Kyle has a way of exagerating things, his premise is correct. I truly beleive that if we had a healthy defense las season we would have gone to the playoffs for sure.

    On the other hand, it is a known fact that TC doesn’t start rookies, which would lead us to believe a trade is on the horizon, but much like last season, I think it won’t happen. I’m not saying that it is the right or wrong way, just that it is the Giants way.

    Regarding letting a rookie lead this defense, I really don’t see it happening either. For that matter, I beleive TC and Fewell are trusting Antrell Rolle to make the calls, and counting on Kenny Phillips to come back strong, so that Fewell can build his D around his safeties.

    Finally, answering your questions: I would trade Brandon Jacobs + somebody less important for a star MLB like Patrick Willis in a heartbeat.

    • robdomaine says:

      Good stuff Saulo. LOL you’re right about Kyle and I getting into it over certain topics. We talked on the phone about these things too. That was just an opinion piece on possibilities that I wrote and I was looking for some feedback.

      If we don’t trade for a veteran LB and stick with what we have, then that means Blackburn or Goff will be our starting MLB. I wouldn’t mind giving either one of those guys a shot at it but I am positive that the LB we draft this year will not be the starting MLB.

      Getting a star MLB on the level of Willis is exactly the type of big trade I was talking about, even though I know Willis himself would never be available.

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