2010 New York Giants: NYG Notes 05-02-10

Hello Giants Fans, I don’t know about you but my head is still spinning from last weeks 2010 NFL Draft. There were some significant roster moves made by the New York Giants this past week. I will give a brief breakdown of the actions taken by Big Blue and give you my thoughts on them. I like what the Giants are doing this off season. I believe the front office has made the team better with a very good draft and by bringing in some valuable free agents. The team also lost some very good players including Antonio PIerce and Fred Robbins, we have yet to see how the team reacts to those losses. I firmly believe the New York Giants will return to the playoffs in 2010 but I am unsure how far they can go beyond that.

Please feel free to leave your own opinions in the comment area and let us know how you think the player moves will effect the team.

– Jeff Feagles has officially retired from the NFL after 22 years. Feagles is a guaranteed Hall of Famer and he will be impossible to replace. Hopefully, either Jy Bond or Matt Dodge can step up and give the team some peace of mind.

– The New York Giants signed 13 players  this past week. These are players that will be on the team during training camp and possibly the practice squad. It would be wonderful to see one of these young players step up and make a name for themselves. I’m rooting for them to do well in an unlikely situation. The players include CB Seth Williams, LB Lee Campbell, DT Nate Collins, QB Dominic Randolph, TE Jake Ballard, WR Tim Brown, WR Duke Calhoun, WR Victor Cruz, OT Dennis Landolt, C Jim Cordle, CB Leon Wright, DE Ayanga Okpokowuruk and S Michael Greco.

– Gerris Wilkinson was re-signed by the Giants to a one year contract. This is a good signing for the Giants but Wilkinson will need to play well this season if he wants to be on the team in 2011.

– The New York Giants began their rookie minicamp this past week with 56 players trying to prove that they belong on the team.

– The New York Giants training camp dates have not been announced yet but should be soon. I will include the dates in our “Events” section here on the top toolbar when they are available.

What do you think about all of the Giants actions from this past week? How do you feel about Jeff Feagles retiring?

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16 Responses to 2010 New York Giants: NYG Notes 05-02-10

  1. Kyle L says:

    Antonio Pierce was a good player… In 2006

  2. Kyle L says:

    You can boo me but you cant prove me wrong.

  3. Kyle L says:

    I hope hes better at politics than football

  4. Kyle L says:

    Regarding the rookie class I think it was apparent that Reese and company strongly considered attitude. DIllard, Petrus, and especially Joseph have displayed incredible attitude and great love for the game.

    The rookie I have the highest expectations for is Linval Joseph. He should be a started by mid season at the latest. He is truly a phenomenal player and you will see what I mean.

    I also really liked The Petrus pick as I have very high expectations for him as well. Between he and Joseph, i think one will prove to be the steal of the draft.

    Dillard, between his attitude and skill set will push the other guys to start and like I said I would not write off him and Joseph for starting roles.

    I feel like Reese has stacked the defense with talent all around and given them a coordinator who is not good, but great. He will find ways to use everyones strengths.

    Chad Jones is an interesting pick. He is one of the top safeties in the class but im not sure that he wasn’t brought in just to push some guys off the roster and to maybe play some nickel linebacker. With Rolle and Phillips they are set at safety for a number of years.

    I dont believe Mike “Kenny Phillips is done” Lombardi any more than I do Chris “Eli is out for a month” Mortenson.

    I like Jones skill set and I hope fewell finds a role for him bu im just not sure. Watch out for him to return punts in certain situations. LSU had him back whenever they needed the ball secured.

    • robdomaine says:

      You have some interesting thoughts about this rookie class. I’m surprised that Dillard has garnered so much attention. He seems to be the silent but deadly pick thus far. Pierre-Paul and Joseph seem to be the two who received the most shine but this Dillard kid is turning heads form what I hear.

      I hope that Kenny Phillips is fully healthy for this season but it is nice to know that if he can’t go, Reese made sure there was someone there to help out besides Grant and Johnson.

  5. Padua says:

    I think you are right Kyle, about AP at least.

    Regarding the picks, I like them too, apart from the JPP pick. I really think Linval Joseph will be a starter, but for the “steal of the draft” I’d vote for Phillip Dillard. There is just something about him that passes confidence.

    All in all, I wish we had taken another MLB in this draft, no matter the round.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Saulo, I agree with you about taking another true LB in the draft. Adrian Tracy however has experience at both LB and DE, so maybe they saw something they like in that kid for a LB spot.

      Just for the record, I know that AP lost a step and his play was going downhill because of his age and injuries. Kyle and I just disagree on how we choose to remember the defensive leader for the New York Giants defense. Good to hear from you Saulo!!

  6. Kyle L says:

    If every time a ball carrier dragged the defender more than a yard it was a -1… Ap wolud have been about a -35 or 40 this season… and last. His coverage skills were horrific. I specifically remember vs Carolina 2 years ago, Delhomme literally threw the ball AT AP knowing he wouldnt make the play and Muhammad beat Pierce to the ball easily.

    You see Rob, you got me all wrong. You think im just a hater. AP used to be one of my favorite Giants, then his whole chip on the shoulder act went to far. He thought it would carry him everywhere but in the meantime he let fame and fortune get to his head.

    You blind if you think he “slowed down with age”. He slowed down with booze in the offseason yet insisted he still had it and frankly, that ticked me off and he quickly fell of my radar.

    • robdomaine says:

      This is just where we have a difference of opinions Kyle. I think our arguments over Antonio Pierce are becoming the stuff of legend lol. The truth is that neither one of us were around the guy enough to know what went wrong. We do know he suffered numerous injuries and will be 34 years old. He left the team with class and never said a bad word about the organization. I respect that. Now if you were to be talking trash about someone like Tiki Barber, who made a spectacle of the team and bad mouthed everyone, then I would agree with you. We will never see eye to eye on this topic lo.

  7. Kyle L says:

    And Saulo your right Dillard just might be the steal. I recently wrote a piece about him on Giants101 along with Petrus

    • Padua says:

      Hey Kyle, please send me the link to your piece, I wanna read it.

      And like always, we’re on the same page.

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