Tom Coughlin’s Head Coaching Job is in Jeopardy? Really?

The haters have already started their assault on New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. After a brief two year hiatus (2007 and 2008) from the negative talk about Tom Coughlin being on the “hot seat”, it seems that following a disappointing 2009 campaign (injury plagued season), the boo birds have picked up where they left off. I’m amazed at all of the negative chatter across the world wide web on this subject. Not only that but I’m shocked at how quickly some fair weather Giants fans can throw their team leader under the bus. Where is the loyalty and respect from these people I wonder? If Coughlin wins the Super Bowl again this year and proves these haters wrong, they will simply apologize and wait for another poor season before crying again. This is a disgusting cycle that some have become eerily accustomed to. To all of you haters I say, let it go.

Tom Coughlin (Giants head coach since 2004) will go down in history as one of the best New York Giants coaches in history. In fact, he might find himself directly behind Bill Parcells at some point, sitting comfortably in the number two spot. Everyone would love nothing more then to win a Super Bowl every single year. Get over it, it can never happen.  The NFL is far too competitive and father time takes his toll on all of us. Some make the argument that Coughlin had his success in 2007 and 2008 simply because of defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. I can see why they would think that since the G-Men had two outstanding seasons while he was a part of the team. Some might forget that the Giants went to the playoffs for two years straight before Coach Spags arrived. There is no question that Spags had a lot to do with the success but it was more then that. It was a team effort as it always must be in order to be successful.

I hope that all of the haters will remain silent and let the team do their job. I think the Giants will be back in the playoffs in 2010 and I believe they may have found a solid replacement for Coach Spags in Perry Fewell, after a dismal year under former DC Bill Sheridan. Let’s give these guys some time to show what they can do before throwing them under the bus.

Tom Coughin’s career record with the New York Giants.

2004 – 6-10 – 2nd place in NFC East

2005 – 11-5 – 1st place in NFC East – Playoffs

2006 – 8-8 – 3rd place in NFC East – Playoffs

2007 – 10-6 – 2nd place in NFC East – Playoffs – Super Bowl Champs

2008 – 12-4 – 1st place in NFC East – Playoffs

2009 – 8-8 – 3rd place in NFC East

What do you think about the negative talk about Tom Coughlin’s job being in jeapordy? Do you agree with all of the hype or do you think the man deserves a break for everything he has accomplished with the team?

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