Former Giants MLB Antonio Pierce Officially Retires

Former New York Giants MLB, Antonio Pierce, has officially retired from the NFL today. Pierce was the defensive general of Big Blue for a number of years. He has apparently joined the ESPN crew and will do an episode of NFL LIVE tonight on ESPN at 4:00 PM EST. Some Giants fans, fell out of love with AP during the end of his days with New York. I for one, have always liked and respected Pierce. I wish him nothing but the best in his future ventures. You can say what you want about AP but he is a Super Bowl Champion and pro bowl football player. Nothing can ever change those facts or make his ring shine less.

Antonio Pierce played nine years in the NFL and had his season end mid-stream last year due to a neck injury. I’m thankful that he joins Michael Strahan, as a pair of former Giants defensive players who will now be on TV. Most Giants fans are sick of hearing Troy Aikman or Moose Johnston call their Giants games, so this will at least alleviate some of the pain from the LIVE game calling.

AP will go down in Giants history as a tremendous leader on the field and true student of the game. He was a terrific team mate and someone the players could trust. Things start to break down when you get older and such is the case with Pierce in my opinion. The heart and mind are willing and able but the body just can’t take anymore. It’s a shame that we all have to get old someday but father time catches up to all of us sooner or later. Give a shout out to the Giants Nation when you’re on the tube tonight AP.

How do you think Antonio Pierce will be remembered in New York? Who do you think will become his successor in 2010?

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2 Responses to Former Giants MLB Antonio Pierce Officially Retires

  1. robdomaine says:

    Former Giants MLB Antonio Pierce did well in his first official ESPN appearance as an employee. The other announcer tried to break his chops by blowing an air horn, right after asking a question. Pierce laughed it off and gave his breakdown on what the 2010 Giants can do to be successful.

  2. robdomaine says:

    LeBron James announces that he will play for the Miami Heat! Historical day in sports and now the Miami Big 3 are Wade, James, Bosh.

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