nygreporter Sports Special: The LeBron James Decision

Hello Sports fans, I would like to welcome you all to a new segment here on the nygreporter called the “nygreporter Sports Special”. This will be a rare non-Giants article that will be put out when something extraordinary happens in the world of sports. These articles will be exceptionally rare and something of a treat for our readers. Consider this LeBron James article, edition 0001. I cannot think of a better way to kick things off then with the LeBron James story coming to a screeching halt last night, LIVE on ESPN. The basketball world has waited two years for this day to come. Make no mistake about it, all eyes were on LeBron James on July 8, 2010 at 9PM EST. In case you haven’t heard, LeBron is leaving Cleveland to play for the Miami Heat.

LeBron James set up shop at a boys and girls club in Connecticut last night while filming “The Decision”. While James was sitting inside a comfortable room, police were sweating in the heat while protecting the star players house in Ohio. They were also expecting riots in Akron, if James were to leave the team. Well, James did leave the Cavs and I saw something that actually made me cringe and had to shock LeBron. ESPN cut to footage of a Cavs fan, burning a James jersey in the streets. I would have thrown up if I had eaten dinner last night and could not believe my eyes. The city of Cleveland was described by reporters as feeling like a bomb went off. When asked why he chose Miami, James said “He felt it was the best situation for him to win Championships and that winning is very important to him”.

First of all, I am a Knicks fan and would have loved to have seen Lebron (James will wear No.6) in a Knicks uniform. I would like to personally wish LeBron well in Miami and the best advice I can give him would be to stay close to family while down there, things can get crazy in a hurry in Miami. You should be fine with getting quality schools for the kids and will probably end up living on Star Island, which has all kinds of perks of it’s own. Maybe Shaq will sell you his old house. Have someone set up a photo shoot and interview with Ocean Drive magazine to introduce yourself to the local community.

I can now understand everything LeBron must have been thinking. Put yourself in the best position to win long term. After 25 years in the same place, he is ready for a change. Avoid the crazy city life, in the ultimate city on Earth, New York City. Avoid ruining a friendship with Jay Z and becoming a star on a new franchise in Brooklyn. Avoiding the second city Chicago and cold weather, must have been a family choice. Taking his family to the beach communities of South Florida will improve their quality of life. Hey LeBron, check out some houses on A1A in Boca Raton. Be sure to introduce yourself to the local church as well and check out Mizner Park in Boca Raton for a good steak. I must say that when Lebron said he was taking his game to South Beach, I was a part of that collective gasp that shook the country for a moment. I truly thought James would stay in Cleveland but we support him in Miami and we wish him all of the best.

James will be teamed up with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, forming the newest “Big 3” of the NBA. It’s going to be a long decade for teams in the East.

How many NBA titles will the Miami Heat win over the next 7 years?

My vote is 3 rings.

RD – nygreporter.com

NYG Reporter Sports Special: Edition 0001


5 Responses to nygreporter Sports Special: The LeBron James Decision

  1. robdomaine says:

    Do you think LeBron made the right choice to move to Miami?

  2. Ron says:

    Lebron was free to make his decision and go where he wanted to go. However he did not need to embarass the organization and city that has supported him for years, by saying good bye on national television.

    He should have called the owner of the Cavs prior to the announcement and let him know what he was doing.

    I am sure the miami fans are happy but I have to question the leadership and strength of a top tier player who does not want to be the man and bring a championship to his city.

    Until they get some big men, they will win zero rings. Bosh is not a center and does not want to play center. Well guess what Mr. Bosh you are now playing center so enjoy banging with Howard and Perkins in the east and Bynum and Gasol if you ever make it out west.

    • robdomaine says:

      You make some great points Ron. I have to agree with you about how LeBron went about letting the world know. I know they are trying to pump up the bitter sweet angle of the story but Ohio was devastated.

      I’m a Knicks fan so I’m already past LeBron and looking at the possible Big 3 in New York with Amar’e, Carmello and Chris Paul.

  3. robdomaine says:

    I would like to add one ore thing to my comment. I do not believe and cannot be convinced that LeBron James went on national TV to purposely hurt the Ohio community. I think it was a miscalculation by Team James and ESPN should have known better. They had me 9PM EST though, watching along with the rest of the sports world to see “The Decision”. I do not think LeBron is a bad person, I think he gave 25 years of his life to his community and felt the need to see what else is out there. South Florida is a perfect place to ease into your exploration. Who knows, maybe LeBron will sign with New York in 5 years when he will be only 30 years old.

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