Giants vs. Cowboys, NFL Week 10: Game Notes

November 14, 2010

NEW YORK – What a crazy night it was in New Meadowlands stadium. Nobody could have predicted some of the craziness that occurred in this game. The Giants were expected to man handle the Cowboys tonight but that did not happen. Instead, we saw a Dallas Cowboys team fighting for their lives and taking chances on big plays because they had nothing to lose. The Giants lost this game 33-20 to the Cowboys.

The Giants defensive backfield gave up a couple of big plays to the Cowboys early in the first half and Dallas got some points from them. It was 19-6 at halftime but could have easily been worse then that, if the Giants defense hadn’t held them to FG’s a couple of times. I was surprised by how little the Giants defense seemed to get to backup QB Jon Kitna in the game. I expected Kitna to be on his back for most of the game but it never happened.

Most Giants fans will tell you that the team did not look like themselves tonight. It was a very strange game to watch and the Cowboys looked like they were the team that was 6-2 and not 1-7. The Giants had a lot of players injured for this game and even some of the second stringers got hurt during the game. It’s not an excuse but it certainly adds to the issues the team had. This was a game that the Giants should have won and the fact that they lost to an atrocious Dallas team, leaves a big question mark on how they will fair against solid teams for the rest of the season. They will need to regroup quickly because they face the Eagles next Sunday night in Philadelphia and have four more divisional games left in the season.

Let’s take a look at some of my notes from the game tonight.

– QB Eli Manning had a decent game but it wasn’t entirely fun to watch. He finished with 373 yards, 2 TD’s and 2 INT’s.

– Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride’s play calling was awful in the first half. It was even worse in the second half.

– There was a power outage at New Meadowlands stadium that delayed the game for a short period of time.

– The Giants offensive line held together nicely despite the injuries by not giving up a single sack in the game.

– WR Hakeem Nicks had another great game and has become an elite NFL WR. He finished with 82 yards.

– The Giants had a lot of penalties against them and some of them were bogus. They finished with 8 penalties for 69 yards.

– RB Ahmad Bradshaw ran hard all night and finished the game with 73 yards rushing and 62 yards receiving.

– The Giants special teams had another poor game in my opinion, Will Blackmon’s performance not included.

– WR Mario Manningham has a nice game filling in for WR Steve Smith. He finished with 91 yards and a TD.

– TE Kevin Boss had a very good game, finishing with 81 yards and a TD.

– Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell could not do anything against the big plays Dallas was getting all night.

– K Lawrence Tynes made all of his FG and extra point attempts tonight and continues to have a great year.

– WR Ramses Barden left the game with an injury in the second half and did not return. He finished with 34 yards.

– Safety Kenny Phillips led all tacklers for the defense and safety Deon Grant had the lone INT.

– The Giants defense had a poor game by their standards. They finished with 1 sack and 1 INT.

– The Giants won the time of possession battle by having the ball for 37:51 minutes of the game.

RD –



Happy Veterans Day to all of our Readers

November 11, 2010

NEW YORK – Everyone here at the nygreporter would like to sincerely wish all of the veterans around the world, a very Happy Veterans Day. You are not forgotten!

There is nothing we can do but honor you all and give our sincerest thanks for all of your sacrifice. I have to admit that I get filled with pride every time I read about Head Coach Tom Coughlin doing something for the veterans. He has been a class act when it comes to this subject since he arrived in New York and as a fan, I really appreciate that. Coughlin is a hands on type of man, so he understands more then anyone what these soldiers, troops, airmen and sailors go through. Coughlin has visited the troops overseas and has done a tremendous job at letting those men and women know that they are not only appreciated but honored by those of us back home.

There are also a number of Giants players who have contributed to the cause and who share a very deep sense of patriotism. We salute all of you as well for your thoughtfulness and effort in giving those men and women a moment of peace and happiness. I’m sure that Wellington Mara is smiling down on all of you in the Giants organization.

The Giants (6-2) will play the Dallas Cowboys (1-7) this Sunday at 4:15 PM EST at New Meadowlands stadium.

RD –

PS – As our readers know very well, we have been ending our articles with a link to the Wounded Warrior Project for quite some time, I hope that some of you will take the time to go to the website and see if there is anything you can do to support this worthy cause. If there was ever a prefect day to do so, today would be the day. Thank You!


Can the Giants Make it Six in a Row?

November 9, 2010

NEW YORK – I’m still spinning with joy from the beating Big Blue dished out to Seattle this past Sunday. That was such a great game to watch and I’m glad I can check the Seahawks off of the revenge game list. We owed them and paid them back tenfold. Now that the Giants have won their 5th straight game, the next question naturally becomes, can they win their 6th in a row? Since the Giants play the lowly Dallas Cowboys (that feels good to say) at home this Sunday, the answer is YES!

I have no doubt that the G-Men can and should beat the Cowboys this weekend. The Dallas Cowboys are having their worst season in almost twenty years and their owner Jerry Jones, just fired embattled head coach Wade Phillips yesterday. Not to mention, the Giants have already beaten the Cowboys this year, in Dallas. The Boys sit in the basement of the NFC East at 1-7 and have become one of the worst teams in the NFL. Oh yeah, the Giants also knocked QB Tony Romo out of the game and most likely for the rest of the 2010 NFL season. Romo was the 5th NFL QB knocked out of a game by the ferocious Giants defense. The G-men do not play dirty, rather they have been on this strange streak for reasons beyond our comprehension.

I do not believe the Cowboys will be able to overcome all of these issues on Sunday when they play the red hot Giants at home. I fully expect Big Blue to dominate the game and get to backup QB Jon Kitna early and often. The Giants are just the better football team at this point and experts have said the best team in the entire NFC. I agreed with the experts for once when they said that. The Giants have had a top 3 offense and defense for most of the season and they seem to get better each week. Everything just seems to be coming together for them in every area of the game.

The only issue with this team is the amount of turnovers they have given up this year. This is something Coach Coughlin will undoubtedly work on in practice. That is something the team can work on and correct but the injuries that have been piling up can’t be corrected so easily. The recent news about OL David Diehl’s torn hamstring, sends another solid player to the sidelines. With ten players already on the dreaded IR list, it is crucial to keep the remaining players healthy by any means possible.

The Giants are coming off a nice mid-season bye week, in week eight, that surely helped them rest up for a solid push into the playoffs. There is no doubt they have a tough schedule to close out the year with five divisional games but they are up to the task and should end the season at 11-5 or 12-4 from my estimations. As for the upcoming Cowboys game, I expect the Giants to win by 2 TD’s minimum and put on an exhibition of what a strong defense looks like.

Who do you think will win the Giants vs. Cowboys game this Sunday? What is your prediction for the final score?

RD –


Giants vs. Seahawks, NFL Week 9: Game Notes

November 7, 2010

NEW YORK – How can I count the ways Big Blue made me smile today? The New York Giants completely dominated the Seattle Seahawks and won the game 41-7. This was the worst beating dealt by Big Blue since the 1950’s. The Giants destroyed the Seahawks in every single aspect of the game. Our readers know that I do not over exaggerate when it comes to the games and I am very fair but when the team is leading 35-0 at halftime, the score speaks for itself. They could have shut the Seahawks out if they really wanted to.

I have not enjoyed watching a game this much in a very long time. The G-Men were expected to have trouble with the loud Seattle fans (The 12th Man) today but they were silenced by the first quarter, when Big Blue took a quick 21-0 lead. Things just got progressively worse for the Seahawks from there on. They could not do anything against a very tough Giants defense and their offense was lead by the green QB Charlie Whitehurst, who hadn’t thrown a TD in his NFL career yet. The Giants gave him a garbage TD in the 4th quarter for his first ever.

Watching this game was truly like watching an NFL team play a high school team. I know that phrase gets thrown around a lot but it is a perfectly reasonable example of the pure beat down I witnessed today. This was one of those games Giants fans will be talking about for years, like the 41-0 beating they gave the Vikings in 2000. I was actually concerned that FOX Sports would stop airing the game for some other TV show, like the Westminster dog show or something like that but luckily it never happened.

Let’s take a look at some of my notes from the game today.

– QB Eli Manning was as smooth as silk and had a very good game. He finished with 290 yards and 3 TD’s 0 INT’s.

– RB Ahmad Bradshaw was having his way with the Seattle defense all day. He finished with 57 yards and 2 TD’s.

– WR Hakeem Nicks is a beast, plan and simple. He finished with 128 yards and 1 TD.

– The Giants defense might be the No.1 overall defense at the end of today with this performance. They had 2 INT’s and a fumble recovery and held the Seahawks to 162 total yards.

– K Lawrence Tynes made all of his FG and extra point attempts. He has been redeemed in my mind.

– Newly acquired Will Blackmon was the return man in place of Darius Reynaud, who may have lost his job.

– RB Brandon Jacobs got his groove on and was running very hard today. He finished with 78 yards.

– OL David Diehl left the game in the 3rd quarter but it turned out to be nothing serious.

– Neither offensive lines gave up a QB sack today, something that rarely happens in the NFL.

– TE Kevin Boss scored a TD in his home town. Something the fans were happy to see him get.

– DE Jason Pierre-Paul was in the game a lot today and was pushing linemen all over the place.

– WR Steve Smith quietly had a very nice game, as always. He finished with 46 yards and 1 TD.

– WR Mario Manningham contributed to the win with some nice catches. He had 56 yards.

– QB Sage Rosenfels played in the 4th quarter because of the 41-7 lead.

– RB DJ Ware came into the game in the 4th quarter and almost led all rushers with a nice performance. He finished with 66 yards.

– The Giants completely dominated the time of possession game by having the ball for over 2/3 of the game. They had the ball for 42:34.

– The team still had 5 penalties and 1 turnover, which is driving Coach Coughlin and the fans crazy. But it’s hard to say anything negative about this game.

What did you think of the beating the Giants gave the Seahawks today in Seattle?

RD –


New York Giants, A Look Ahead

November 4, 2010

NEW YORK – Hey there all you Giants’ fans! Long time no see! It feels great to be back writing for what I truly believe is the best underdog blog that covers the New York Football Giants! So anyways, jumping right into things I thought I might talk about what is to become of this roller coaster ride we are calling the 2010 campaign.

No, no, no not the politics (voting day two days ago fyi) politics are great if you have insomnia or enjoy headaches haha. Important stuff, just not my cup of tea.

The Giants have been at it for 8 weeks now, 7 games and a bye week. They’ve looked great, awful, okay, and spectacular. If we put their season marking all the high and low points on a graph we could probably out design any roller coaster genius at Six Flags! But in all seriousness folks they finally look like they have everything under control and we can only hope for a smooth ride back to the loading dock.

Perry Fewell seems to have really gotten things going and the defense has never looked better. They haven’t played this well since Super Bowl 42 and all signs seem to be positive. The recent addition of DE Alex Hall from waivers combined with a healthy Keith Bulluck should do nicely to cover the whole Kiwinikua leaves behind, and Jason Pierre-Paul should get a few more looks as well.

Tom Coughlin praised JPP this week for drawing consistent double teams on special teams coverage which is an encouraging sign of his progress. The Dez Bryant return was unfortunate, but they are starting to get things together. Even Matt Dodge has been able to dodge a few critics recently (sorry had to do it) and punted a few good ones in a row now.

It is truly amazing how when things go right everything really starts to mesh. Ahmad Bradshaw is tearing up the field and all of a sudden Brandon Jacobs has 5 touchdowns in the last 4 games. The running game has looked solid and Madison Hedgecock is close to being back from an injured hamstring.

There has been some discouraging news as of late, Shaun O’Hara, center, is out again with another foot injury. OL Adam Koets played nicely in his absence before and I’d expect the same if Shaun is to miss anytime now. Also, the Giants have about ten players on the injured reserved list at this point. The newest of which being Bruce Johnson who is done with a knee injury.

Now that we have seen how the Giants have played and how the rest of the league has played lets take a look at some new predictions for the season. I would just like to note that despite the one surprise loss to the Titans I made some pretty good predictions at the beginning of the seasons and well…Toot Toot! (that’s the sound of my own horn haha).

So quickly here are my updated picks: Win at Seattle, Roll over Dallas, Lose at Philly, Stuff MJD in at home, Take one on the chin from the Skins, Beat a badly coached Vikings team, Take back some pride against Philly round 2, upset the Packers in a game that has home field implication, and roll over the Redskins gaining playoff momentum.

Overall, I see Big Blue headed to 12-4 and a first or second seat in the playoffs! This is contingent upon a few things however, staying healthy is number one right now, a close second is getting special teams in order (I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Tom Quinn has got to go), and Eli has got to cut down on the turnovers (I strongly believe that at least 6 are not his fault, but he needs to sit his guys down and talk out what to do to improve). If the Giants can maintain their current path then there are great things ahead for this group!

Josh Berman –