New York Giants Will Focus on Depth and Improve in 2011

NEW YORK – There is no denying the fact that the New York Giants are a very talented football team. I have been one of the fans that said the amount of injuries the team had in 2010, seriously effected their play on the field. The Giants placed 16 players on the IR List in 2010. I’m not so sure that argument applies any longer, after seeing the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl with 15 of their players residing on the IR list. I like to believe the Giants are a deep team but maybe we have all been wrong. After back to back injury plagued seasons, fans have to wonder just how deep the team really is and what coaching changes need to be made in the conditioning department. The Giants went 8-8 in 2009 and 10-6 in 2010 respectively.

Giants GM Jerry Reese is a draft guru and I’m sure that he will be focusing on depth this year. He will certainly address the offensive line (which did an outstanding job in 2010) and get more talent to help out in that area. OL William Beatty, OL Adam Koets and OL Mitch Petrus are three guys who fans might see more of in 2011. He will focus on improving the cornerback position and quite frankly, he should. Why have a defensive coordinator who specializes in DB’s and then not get him at least two more players of his choosing to coach? This seems like a no brainer. I am comfortable with the safeties on the team but the cornerback position seems to need a little depth. CB Terrell Thomas has been outstanding on his side of the field and lead the team in tackles in 2010.

The linebacker position is another area that must be on the team radar. The current linebacker group has a lot of talented players but they certainly don’t have a Lawrence Taylor playing back there. The G-Men need the next LT to be thrown into the mix and lead that group of young men. Fans still need to see how LB Clint Sintim and LB Phillip Dillard work out but bringing in a young veteran “Patrick Willis” type of player should be a priority in my opinion. As crazy as it sounds, the Giants might need to throw another wide receiver into the mix too. It was painful to see WR after WR go down with injuries and I would not want that to happen again in 2011. NFL teams need two No.1 and two No.2 WR’s on the team these days for just that very reason. Every fourth and fifth WR should be able to start as a No.3 on any NFL team. This is an ideal situation for all NFL teams and hopefully something Big Blue can pull off.

The one area of the team that needs the most help is also the only spot on the team that does not have depth. I’m talking about special teams and boy do they need work. P Matt Dodge and K Lawrence Tynes should both be concerned for different reasons. Dodge should be concerned because of his inconsistent rookie season and Tynes might feel the heat of a team needing a change at the kicker position. The return specialists also had their fair share of problems in 2010. Special teams coach Tom Quinn should also be very concerned about his job in my opinion.

Regardless of the injuries or depth issues, the New York Giants have enough talent to make the playoffs. There is no reason why they should have been watching the playoffs on TV this season with their 10-6 record. I will not guarantee anything or jinx the team but I would be shocked if the G-Men were to miss the playoffs for a third consecutive year. If that were to happen, there would be big changes in New York for 2012. What do you think?

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27 Responses to New York Giants Will Focus on Depth and Improve in 2011

  1. Kyle L. says:

    Well, unfortunately I do not think we will be able to keep Barry Cofield. He outplays a guy directly next to him who makes 42 million dollars. The Giants cant afford that simply put. Its terrible business to pay the 3rd and 4th best linemen this top 2 salaries.

    And even though I believe Linval Joseph will be great for us, the spot where we need the most depth is defensive tackle (im assuming Bernard is also gone.

    The Giats have the most unique formula in the NFL. No team strives to build their defense by having 6-7 great pass rushers. If they endanger the formula, the other positions wont matter. Simply put. They must address DT.

    The Lawrence Tynes thing isn’t even funny at this point. He came close to setting a franchise record for consecutive made field goals and didnt miss in like 10 weeks. Why, again, should be be worried?

    • robdomaine says:

      It makes me sick to think the Giants would let Barry Cofield go and keep Rocky Bernard and Chris Canty. They will regret making a move like that down the road if it plays out that way.

      I agree with you that Tynes had a nice season in 2010 but you forgot the fact that I still have a trust issue with this guy. He may have made all his FG’s the first 10 weeks but he still finished at 82% by making 19/23. He will also be 33 years old this year, making him the oldest guy on the team besides Keith Bullock and Shaun O’Hara who will both be 34.

      • Kyle L. says:

        Not the first 10 weeks. 10 straight weeks. He was a huge part of the success we had this year. IM just trying to understand what this trust issue is. The NFL record for career accuracy is 86%.

        Prepare to be sick. You just cant pay Cofield.Like I said, its bad business to have Tuck and Osi on smaller deals. Besides, Cofield is coming off of another surgery. I expect to see he and Bernard gone.

        Im assuming theres a contingency plan in place with regards to him, because he almost traded him last offseason.

        Either way, I think it would be a mistake to give him the deal he deserves and I do not thik we will.

        But I really gotta get to the bottom of this Tynes thing. SERIOUSLY??? missing 4 kicks the entire season? Almost setting franchise records? I dont get what the issue is. Why is there a lack of “trust”

        • robdomaine says:

          There is a difference between “career” accuracy and single season accuracy. As I mentioned, he did have a good season in 2010. He made 19/23 FG’s which isn’t bad but I still don’t trust him entirely. He is getting up there in age and has had injury issues in the past. Instead of a 33 year old kicker, I would like a 24 or 25 year old kicker who we can lock down for 6 years and not think about it again.

          The Giants will regret letting Barry Cofield go if it plays out that way, mark my words.

          • Kyle L. says:

            I just dont see any other way it plays out. I mean I dont think as highly of him as you do, maily because I believe Joseph will be better, but I agree it will be a loss.

            I cant understand yous issue with a guy who nearly set a franchise record and is under contract. His job isn’t in danger going into 2010.

            • robdomaine says:

              Maybe they can retain Barry Cofield and let him be the kicker and a defensive tackle! lol

              • Kyle L. says:

                Frachise tagging Cofield is really the only way I envision them keeping him and even that is a major stretch. It would be over 10 millio dollars. Tuck it set to make 1.35 million in base salary.

                Bad business. Aint gonna happen.

  2. robdomaine says:

    What about Matt Dodge? What do you think will happen with him in 2011? And what about Tom Quinn?

    • Kyle L. says:

      Know this: Jerry Reese has retained more draft picks than any GM over the last 4 years. And he hasnt had like 50 per year like the pats. You honestly think hes going to just get rid of a punter he himself drafted after 1 season?


      They will bring in comp for Dodge, JR is on record saying that, but he will ultimately win out that battle in camp and be the punter again in 2011.

      As for Quinn, if he wasnt fired 3 years ago he wont be now, but id say he is on the hot seat in 2011.

      I think.


      • robdomaine says:

        I’m not sure I agree with you about Dodge. I truly do not believe that kid has anything locked down and if the competition the team brings in is better, they will cut Dodge. Still, I am a believer in 2nd chances but I would not be willing to bet a whole season on it.

        lol yes I guess that makes sense about Quinn but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. Still, he could be on the way out if an interesting prospect were to come along.

  3. Kyle L. says:

    I didnt mean to imply that Dodge wont be on a level playing field because Reese drafted him. I just think he will improve and that ultimately the Giants will be fine at punter.

    There will be comp though

  4. robdomaine says:

    Would you take Akers or Vinatieri over Tynes if they somehow magically became available? and for how long? 2 or 3 year contract I would think.

  5. Kyle L. says:

    But again, the organization (whose in control here) isn’t looking to replace Tynes.

  6. Kyle L. says:

    Answering an earlier question. Akers is just an older version of Tynes and I distinctly remember him getting into fights on the giants sideline. Pass.

  7. Kyle L. says:

    Tynes has not had a see- saw career in New York. He was lights our, near automatic this past year, in 2009 hit 2 game winners, and in 2007 kicked the team to the Superbowl and also made an opening drive kick that without it we may have lost the Superbowl.

    Im sorry if Tynes did anything to you personally that Im unaware of. But the sentiment that he has been anything but a solid NFL kicker is off base.

    • robdomaine says:

      Tynes has played in 49 of 64 games since joining the team four years ago and has a career average hit rate of about 81%. He is 138 of 170 FG’s all time. He has been blocked 3 times and missed 6 extra points over his career as well. He is a decent NFL kicker at best and on the back end of his career.

      He will be 33 years old this year and has a knack of missing important FG’s, even if he makes them for 10 straight weeks. Hitting a FG when your team is up by 21 is not as important as hitting them in close games. And yes he made that FG in Green Bay, I give him that.

  8. Kyle L. says:

    And I dont wanna hear that he missed 2 before the one in Green Bay. No kicker ever hit from beyond 40 in Lambeau in postseason, something he did to win that game.

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