The NFL Owes Giants and Vikings Fans a MNF Game

NEW YORK – Many football fans will remember the brutal winter of 2010. This had to be one of the worst winters on record and it caused chaos for some NFL teams just trying to play football. The New York Giants were one of the most effected teams, having been stranded in airports twice during away games. The crown jewel of the 2010 NFL winter issues had to be the roof collapsing in Minnesota under the weight of tons of snow. Can you guess who was scheduled to play the Minnesota Vikings that very same evening in the Metrodome? If you said the New York Giants, you would be correct.

Not only was the game re-scheduled to a bizarre double Monday night game schedule (the game started at 7:20 PM EST) it was also moved to Detroit. Worst of all, the fans were not able to watch the game on TV because ESPN would not allow another game to air at the same time. Forget about the CBA talks, something needs to be done to address this issue so it never happens again. The NFL also owes the Giants and Vikings fans a Monday Night Football game each in compensation. The NFL is smart enough to add a clause to contracts that allow for more flexibility of airing rights due to natural disasters. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has to address this further and make amends to the fans who were looking forward to a great game and also missed the opportunity to see history as QB Brett Favre broke his Iron Man streak at 297 games. I would suggest that the NFL at least write in a clause that states, in the event of an emergency, fans can watch their teams play on the internet. This wouldn’t solve the issue but it is a start.

Some fans may have moved on and forgotten about this issue but not me. I was very angry when I couldn’t watch my team play a game because of advertising contracts. It is absolutely ridiculous and something that sorely needs correction. The NFL needs to recognize that the fans of today are much smarter then ever before and it looks bad when they know why things like this go down. Do the right thing and fix the problem before it happens again. There are only 16 games per regular season and fans look forward to seeing each and every one of them. I am confident the NFL will make amends and not allow this to happen again.

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