New York Giants 2010 Rookies, The Slate is Officially Clean

NEW YORK – I would like to announce that nygreporter has officially cleaned the slate. We have updated the Roster section of nygreporter and we have taken off all of the (rookie) title/monikers of the 2010 draft class. Congrats on making it through your first year in the NFL. We have moved people back into the Roster who were IR as well. This was a very good class of talent. Unfortunately, some of the guys had injuries (S Chad Jones, WR Victor Cruz, LB Adrian Tracy) that prevented them from playing very much last year. Hopefully, the Giants coaching staff stayed vigilant and taught these guys the playbook while they were on the mend. I believe they have and I think fans should get ready for a couple of surprises in 2011, when it comes to breakout stars.

The Giants are a very talented team and just coming into their own. We have got to see some production from the 2nd and 3rd year players or they will risk losing their jobs. It’s that simple. The Big Blue front office will not allow the team to miss the playoffs for a third year in a row and if I’m wrong, I’ll eat my hat. The Giants No.1 overall pick DE Jason Pierre-Paul, like the bionic man will be bigger, stronger and faster this season. The guy looks like a defensive tackle (285 pounds at last count) who can run like a linebacker but it actually a DE. I expect big things from JPP in 2011. Things with DE Mathias Kiwanuka seem cautious at best and JPP would be a solid fill-in for Kiwi and a legit starter candidate in his own right. The defensive end position is stacked for years, GM Jerry Reese is not playing around with the Giants pass rush. Old school theory makes your mind explode when it comes to taking away an opposing offenses passing ability. Shades of Ernie Accorsi here.

Safety Chad Jones is a question mark but he is said to be improving, fans are anxiously awaiting news on his playing status in 2011. LB Phillip Dillard looked great in training camp up close and I believe he will have a solid season. He looks like a natural leader in the MLB position and someone who is intent on winning the game. CB Brian Jackson is one of my favorites. Just a good kid looking to make some big plays and stay on the roster. Many have told me how impressed they were with his college career and I hope he can bring his game up to the next level. It looks like OL Mitch Petrus is a keeper too. DT Linval Joseph might be feeling the heat a little more then the rest of players this season because the tackle position could get thin. The coaches need Linval to perform at the highest level and contribute to the Giants defense. There is one player who didn’t have a very good rookie season and that would be P Matt Dodge. Without consistency, Coach Coughlin will explode on the sidelines all year and that means bad news for Dodge if he can’t right the ship in 2011. The fans want him to do well.

The 2011 NFL Draft is about two months away now but I am already excited about who the team will pick. You will see us talk about draft predictions and which players to watch out for, leading all the way up to draft day itself. I must mention one last ting to the rookie class of 10′. I heard it through the grapevine that you have to play one snap in year two for the rookie moniker to disappear forever, so don’t be surprised if you have to carry helmets and shoulder pads for a day or two more but after that, you’re rookies no more.

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21 Responses to New York Giants 2010 Rookies, The Slate is Officially Clean

  1. Kyle L. says:

    If theres a lockout I expect the Giants to draft a LB because it is the only way to fill their need. If there isn’t (which I dont see how there isnt) I expect them to sign a LB and draft strictly the best available player, who, in this class, Id be shocked if it wasnt a defensive tackle (DL in general, but DT is beast this year).

    Id be careful about any statement regarding the DL being stacked for years. In 2012, 2 between Osi, Kiwi, and Cofield will not be on the roster. The Giants simply dont have the wallet to support it.

    • robdomaine says:

      I am confident there will not be a lockout. I would be very surprised if this were more then two sides posturing with each other.

      You’re right about this being a very deep DT draft and it would not surprise me to see them take one but not in round one. They just got Linval Joseph and there is a bigger need at Center and LB in my opinion.

      I have no problem with saying the DE position is stacked for years with talent. I didn’t say DL, as you mentioned. I expect another brilliant draft from GM Jerry Reese as well.

  2. Kyle L. says:

    I can virtually promise that the Giants will not draft a center in the first round. Id say 3rd right now. Its not difficult to grab interior linemen in middle rounds and have them start for a decade. JR has a deep scouting background, which is why he will almost always address needs in later rounds, because he is confident in his skills to find good players there.

    Akeem Ayers is growing on me a bit, but every linebacker him included is a reach at #19. Reese wont do that. Id encourage you to look up some highlights of Ayers vs Temple on youtube. Hes really the only player that merits consideration at 19, and even that is pushing it.

  3. Kyle L. says:

    Just asking, you seem pretty convinced that a deal will get done in the next 96 hours… What are you basing that on?

    Im just curious

  4. robdomaine says:

    Akeem Ayers will be gone by the time we pick. I would not be surprised if they drafted him, if he were available. I’m still partial to Mike Pouncey or Stefen Wisniewski. I know there is maybe a 1% chance they take Wisniewski in round one since he is listed as a top 50 player but he seems to be the best of the bunch and a true Center.

    I would be careful doing your virtual promising, the Giants would love to protect QB Eli Manning for the rest of his career with this pick. it may be too tempting to pass on, plus the team hasn’t used very many 1st round picks on offensive linemen over the past few decades. It is about time to invest and protect current investments.

  5. Kyle L. says:

    I dont want Ayers on the Giants. And if Mike Pouncey’s name was Mike Smith not only would he not be projected as a center hed be a mid rounder at best.

  6. Kyle L. says:

    Im quite sure that while there is indeed 1 multi billion dollar industry that loves money at work here, the issue is about the 2 forces that produce the billions of dollars clashing.

    • robdomaine says:

      They won’t give up all of that money. There is too much at stake for both sides. They will both be reasonable by the deadline.

      • Kyle L. says:

        WHos giving up money? The owers are locking out the players, and there are multi billion dollar television contracts in place already. The owners get paid in 2011 and are spared all expenses. Whats being given up on their part?

  7. Kyle L. says:

    Moon, sun… Not related to scouting college football

  8. Kyle L. says:

    STurdivant, sometime mid 3rd. Hes a great fit for the Giants in my opinion. 4-3 mlbs rated very low in terms of importance in the draft, he will linger a while.

    Plus he played on a defense with 3-4 guys in the front 7 who merited 1st round consideration.

  9. Kyle L. says:

    Id like to see Sturdivant on the Giants i think hes great

  10. robdomaine says:

    New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat coming on soon. I’ll talk to you later.

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