Giants Playing Without Their One Two Punch

NEW YORK – Someone make this ride stop, I want to get off. When I heard that WR Hakeem Nicks, RB Ahmad Bradshaw and C David Baas would sit against the Patriots, in the most important game of the year, all I could do was shake my head. When are the New York Football Giants going to play a game at full strength? When is this madness going to end? Why are New York Giants players dropping like flies? What changes need to be made to the staff to prevent this epidemic from spreading beyond this season? The Giants have lost their number one running back and number one wide receiver for the New England game. How long will they be out and how does this change QB Eli Manning’s game plan? I don’t know but I do know the G-Men better focus on the middle of the field when Brady has the ball in his hand.

Some good news has been announced about rookie CB Prince Amukamara and WR Ramses Barden both returning from their respective injuries. I guess fans should be grateful to get a couple of guys back but there is still that word, injury. How much these guys will play is another story entirely. As a Giants fan, I have been anxiously awaiting the debut of Prince and look forward to seeing what he can do on the field. The Giants secondary can certainly use the help after losing a bunch of guys to, well you know, injury. Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell is going to need a solid game plan to counter the Patriots genius head coach. I expect the Patriots short passing game to be a huge factor as I’ve mentioned already. There will be three or four bomb plays thrown in to keep the balance but the middle of the field is going to be attacked often. Some football “experts” are talking about a lot of no huddle offense being used and it would make sense if you’re using the short game. I predict the Giants leading tackler will be a linebacker in this game.

I am going to remain positive and predict a Giants victory in a shoot out between QB Tom Brady and QB Eli Manning. I expect a high scoring game with the final being 35-33. Everyone knows the Patriots defense isn’t very good, so the G-Men should be able to put up a bunch of points on them. I am very concerned about the Patriots using those TE’s and stopping them will be the difference between victory and defeat for Big Blue in my opinion. WR Wes Welker is the biggest threat but those TE’s could kill us. I guess there is nothing left to say but 18-1! Go Giants!

Who do you think will win the game between the Patriots and Giants?

RD –

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