12/12/11 Christmas DAC Day 12, Do You Believe?

NEW YORK – Hello Giants fans, let me ask you something, do you believe? That was the phrase being thrown around last night on twitter. The Giants were facing a third straight year of being eliminated from the playoffs but they fought off a scrappy Cowboys team to pull out the win. Be sure to come back a little bit later to check out our famous ‘Game Notes’ article, which will have all of the stats and analysis. The final score (37-34) proves that both defenses are nothing to write home about this year but it sure made for an exciting game to watch. There were reportedly eight different lead changes in this game and a huge attendance in the ‘House that Ego Built’.

As I mentioned in the game day article, this was the 99th meeting between these two teams and on New Year’s day 2012, the Giants and Cowboys will play for the 100th time in history. I don’t know how the rest of this season will play out but last night was clearly the best game of the year for Big Blue. Fans could not believe that Big Blue came back like that at the end of the game in a hostile environment. It was a thing of beauty to see play out before our eyes. The Giants have only 3 more games left in the season to lock down a playoff berth.

DAC Fact

Most NFL teams have nicknames and the Giants are no different. Can you name some of the titles fans have bestowed upon the New York Football Giants? Let me give you a hand with that. Some of the more popular nicknames for the Giants are Big Blue, the Jints, the G-Men, Big Blue Wrecking Crew, the Road Warriors and the New York Football Giants. The last one was actually the name written on the title for this team. They changed it by adding the word ‘football’, so people would not get confused with the Giants baseball team.

Are you surprised the Giants beat the Cowboys on the road last night?

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5 Responses to 12/12/11 Christmas DAC Day 12, Do You Believe?

  1. bobbyg says:

    no,not at all am i surprised.i expected the double digit win.however the g-mens defense scares me to death.im going to enjoy this win for the giants.they deserve it,especially after 4 straight losses.it was nice to see smiles on coughlin and the gang and me lol.i found out last night that if the giants have a lead they cant leave any time on the clock,because any team can go down the field on this giants defense in 30 seconds.thank god for JPP and his octopus arms.whew was that scary lol.

    • robdomaine says:

      I’m going to enjoy this win too. The Cowboys are my least favorite team in the entire NFL. Beating them always has a little extra zip on it for me. I really thought this was the most exciting game I’ve watched all year too. But to be honest, I’m ready for those Sunday afternoon games to return after all of these night games, it’s hard to stay awake now that I’m getting older lol.

  2. bobbyg says:

    just to add the g-men jumped that very important first hurdle to start there climb into the playoffs.even though the redskins,jets and cowboys are going to bring there A games and want to play spoiler,we as fans have to take some relief in the fact that the g-men will be home now for the rest of the year,even though the jets game is considered there home game the giants practice home and im sure will consider that there home game.last nights game was huge and to me really catapulted the g-mens confidence.that was the season and no matter how they did it,it got done.im very happy today as i know you are my friend.

    • robdomaine says:

      Two more wins and the G-men return to the playoffs. It can’t get much simpler then that. I think they can do it but if they will or not remains to be seen. Even if they get into the playoffs, the depleted roster will make it difficult to go very far in my opinion. The last 3 games will all be at MetLife stadium, so no more traveling for the Wrecking Crew!

  3. bobbyg says:

    i hate to admit it,but those night games are killing me too.by the time the adrenaline from the win last night wore off,it was 2am in the morning.i yelled when JPP blocked the field goal and woke up my wife.she was like,its late your going to wake the neighbors.we cant be doing this in our 50s lol.but im going to scream yell and root,especially if they get in the playoffs.hey it keeps us young.all these heart attack to the wire games are strengthening our hearts,its like cardio lol.great win rob.

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