12/11/11 Christmas DAC Day 11, It’s Game Day!

NEW YORK – The Giants play another night game tonight, that makes three night games in the past month for Big Blue. Fans will have to wait all day to find out what will become of the Giants season. If they lose, their season is essentially over. I’m not worried though because it is out of our hands now and completely up to the players. All of the pep talks in the world can’t make a tackle on the field. So sit back and enjoy the show because something tells me that Big Blue will come out with the win. Head Coach Tom Coughlin, will do all that he can to have his team prepared, this I am sure of. The play calling from OC Gilbride and DC Fewell will need to be exceptional tonight in order to keep the season alive.

The Giants injury report states that DE Osi Umenyiora, S Kenny Phillips, C David Baas, LB Mark Herzlich and LB Spencer Paysinger will not play tonight. Losing all of these players and adding them to the crowded injury list is really making me sick. The absolute epidemic of injuries is sickening. I do not want to sound cold or unsympathetic to the situation or to the players personally because I truly wish them all a fast recovery. But the damage it has done to the team as a whole is undeniable. The Giants defense was hit especially hard, knocking them down the rankings to the 29th defense overall, which is completely unacceptable for a New York football team. All I can say is, get well soon guys. My final score prediction one more time is Giants 28 – Cowboys 21.

DAC Fact

Do you know how many times the Giants and Cowboys have played each other? These two teams have a long history of rivalry and have met on the football field 98 times. That means today will be the 99th time and the big 100th contest will be in the final game of the 2011 season on New Year’s day. The first time they played each other was on December 4, 1960 in Yankee stadium and the game famously ended in a tie 31-31. These franchises have played in overtime games twice in team history and split victories in those two overtime games. They have also played two games to a tie in team history. Dallas leads the all-time series 56-40-2.

Who will finish the game with more passing yards, Eli Manning or Tony Romo?

RD – nygreporter.com

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2 Responses to 12/11/11 Christmas DAC Day 11, It’s Game Day!

  1. bobbyg says:

    tony romo,because he will be playing from behind.although eli will finish with over 300 passing.however the g-mens running game will keep the boys offense off the field.this is it,this is the giants season.your right about the injury list getting me sick.but i think the gmen have enough hands on deck to do the job.the whole key to tonights game is the giants defense finally showing they could come through in the biggest contest of the year with the season on the line.its been a month since the g-men won.now they have to win for a month.bottom line,this game not only has playoffs on the line,but also coaching futures for the giants.pete fewell has not been my favorite coordinator so far.i know the players have to play,but the schemes have been less then desirable in key situations.this is a big game for pete fewell.he has not turned out to be what the g-men hoped for.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, very interesting buddy. You may be right about that one lol you’ve convinced me. I like defensive coordinator Perry Fewell too. It isn’t Perry’s fault that so 2/3 of his starting defense is on the IR list or currently injured. It just stinks that we’ve dropped to the 29th overall defense. I hate that because I know we are better. Enjoy the rest of your day buddy! Go Giants!

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