12/16/11 Christmas DAC Day 16, The Giants Coaches

NEW YORK – Hello Giants fans, I thought we could take a look at the current Giants coaches and a peek back at some of the legends in Giants coaching. Let me start off by saying that I am not one who buys into the whole “Coughlin is on the hot seat” or any of that crap. Tom Coughlin is one heck of a coach and a winning coach at that. He is our man and I have no problem with that what so ever. He was born in Waterloo, New York and attended Syracuse University which makes him even more beloved in New York. He also maintains training camp at the University of Albany in upstate New York. Coughlin’s overall record with the New York Giants is 72-53 since becoming head coach back in 2004. He also won a Super Bowl Championship in 2007. Tom Coughlin gets love in New York.

If Tom Coughlin decided to retire, the two coaches that I hear are odds on favorite to replace him are Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden. I wouldn’t count out Tony Dungy who has experience with another Manning in Indy. If Peyton Manning has a career ending injury, could a scenario be worked out where he would take over the OC position for Big Blue in 2012? Now that would be something to see and to lock him down for three years would be incredible. This is unlikely to happen I know but it’s fun to think about. Bring back Jeff Feagles as special teams coach too. Those guys need him around to mentor them to the next level.

The offensive and defensive coordinators for Big Blue are like night and day. DC Perry Fewell can be very aggressive in his play calling and usually lines up the correct attack posture. OC Kevin Gilbride has fans pulling their hair out with his ultra conservative play calling at crucial moments in the game. Readers must understand that Perry Fewell is literally missing 2/3 of his defensive players to injuries. What he has done with the talent available is amazing. They are ranked at the bottom of the pile but seem to do enough to win games. Fans calling for Perry Fewell to be replaced are not paying attention to the situation. Fewell is an elite defensive coordinator playing rookies and second stringers out there. His job is as safe as can be. I cannot say the same thing about Gilbride. Fans would like to see a dynamic OC who properly uses the elite passing game of Big Blue. The majority of Giants fans would welcome a change at the offensive coordinator position in 2012 and by that I mean 75% minimum from what I see and hear. Fans have started to demand a change at the OC position.

Special Teams coach Tom Quinn might be in trouble. Friendships between boss and employee could not even endure the poor play of this group the past few years. Big changes are needed in this area and everyone knows it. The G-Men should lock down P Steve Weatherford long term and look for a 10 year kicker in my opinion. Invest big in the next Devin Hester of return men and get a proven young player if you have to trade for him. Let’s get this special teams group in shape to make a difference in games from today forward. Improving the special teams is a a game changer.

I think we should start a “hot seat” for sports media people who get it wrong all of the time. Since they like to publicly call out coaches and make them worry about their jobs. In fact, that is exactly what I’m going to do. I will introduce a new series of random articles called ‘The Sports Expert Hot Seat’ where we we call out those ‘experts’ who get the majority of there picks or tips wrong. The first person I’m nominating is Joe Buck. There is no reason why this ‘man’ should be doing professional football games. Giants fans can stomach Troy Aikman somewhat because we also respect what Troy has accomplished on the field, his opinion holds weight with football fans. But Joe Buck is unhelpful and a bit annoying, he has to go.

DAC Fact

Do you know who the winningest coach in New York Giants history is? That would be head coach Steve Owen, who compiled a record of 151-100-17 over his twenty plus coaching stint with New York from 1931-1953. Bill Parcells is second on the all-time wins list with a 77-49-1 record. Bill Parcells is my favorite New york Giants coach of all time and Tom Coughlin is number two on that list. Both great guys with a competitive streak who want to win. Tom Coughlin is also currently third on the Giants all-time wins list with a 72-53-0 record, just five wins away from being tied with Bill Parcells for second all-time.

What do you think of the Giants coaching staff in 2011? Do you think anyone will be gone after the 2011 season?

RD – nygreporter.com – Happy Holidays!

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4 Responses to 12/16/11 Christmas DAC Day 16, The Giants Coaches

  1. ajcnj56 says:

    Great article! I am one of those who has pulled his hair out over Gilbride. He is a complete dichotomy. On one hand he opens the offense up by throwing long passes on 3rd down, and on the other side he becomes ultra-conservative. A microcosm is the drive against the Packers where we went 3 and out in the 4th quarter, where we had a chance to take control of the game. First down – long pass down the right side to Nicks. 2nd down and 3rd down – a run left and then a swing pass to Ware that was was rushed and high. Where was the TE? Cruz over the middle? Also he needs to ditch the shotgun draw in the redzone, everyone knows it is coming!

    • robdomaine says:

      Thanks AJ! lol I’m sure you aren’t the only one who was pulling his hair out. I also think we gave away no less then two games this year. Our record should be 9-5 right now in my opinion, which is remarkable considering all of the injuries like we talked about. But that didn’t happen and they lost the two games I’m talking about. I expect a big win against the Redskins on Sunday.

  2. bobbyg says:

    actually gilbride has been phenomenal this season with playcalling.last year i wanted him gone with his run run pass mentality.i think gilbride stays.i dont think its fair to throw any coach on the hot seat because of the injuries.and i actually think the coaches are doing incredible with this skeleton crew.however,if the giants do not make the playoffs while in the drivers seat right now,i believe one or two coaches go.i think if the g-men pull it together in these last 3 weeks and get in,everyone returns except the special teams crew.that most definitely needs to get better.im with you all the way with joe buck getting lost,this guy gets me aggravated every year with bias opinions,and i turn the sound off when he calls games.rob,i wanted to take time to wish you and yours a very merry christmas and thank you for giving true giants fans a forum to voice our opinions.thats a hard thing to come by these days and its very appreciated.where in the homestretch now and the g-men control there own destiny,we as fans cannot ask for more than that right now.the rest is up to the g-men to handle business the next three weeks.i will be away with the wife until next monday,hopefully when i get back the g-men will have this thing wrapped up buddy.enjoy your holiday,go giants.

    • robdomaine says:

      Gilbride has been OK but the damage is already done. We need a more dynamic OC in my opinion. I understand he is missing players too due to injury but this isn’t his first year either. I wish no hard feelings towards the man but it’s time for a change and the majority of fans agree with that. I hope we win too buddy! I’m really excited for the Redskins game and then I’ll be going to the Jets game, so I’m excited. Happy Holidays to your family too Bobby, I appreciate the kind words.

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