12/17/11 Christmas DAC Day 17, Rodney Hampton Returns!

NEW YORK – Hello Giants fans, our good friend Rodney Hampton kindly agreed to answer a couple of other questions about the holidays and Christmas in particular. He is clearly a family man and someone who takes tradition very seriously. He was also nice enough to answer a couple of questions asked by our readers. And just as a disclosure, yes this is the real Rodney Hampton and not some impostor. Take comfort in that and enjoy the article.

Rodney Hampton Q&A

Question: Hello Rodney, what was Christmas like when you starting hosting the holidays in your own home? Do you decorate the house every year? Do you get a tree?

Hampton Answer: Hello Rob, my home is joyful and fun! I am constantly trying to make sure my kids feel the same way I did as a kid. It is very important to me to keep the family traditions going by having lots of food and playing fun games. Cards (spades), Monopoly, Chess, Sorry, Charades, etc are all fun. I like hearing Christmas music in the background during the holidays when family is over. We love to decorate every year. I love to see the house decorated with all white lights outside. My wife is in charge of the Christmas tree and she takes that job very seriously. She takes pride in choosing the colors and lighting scheme each year. If it were up to me, we would have the same tree every year.

Question: What is the biggest Christmas gift you have ever given and what is your favorite all-time Christmas gift you received? What town is home for the holidays?

Hampton Answer: I’ve given lots of big gifts but the one that I loved giving the most was to my Mom, it was a Mercedes Benz. This was really special to me because I was able to give her something that she wasn’t expecting. The best gift I’ve ever received as an adult is a few pairs of socks and a set of golf clubs LOL!!! Since my siblings and I are married with kids, we spend Christmas at home in Houston, Texas. Houston is home for the holidays. 

1. nygreporter Reader Question: BobbyG asks, Hello Rodney, you had five consecutive 1,000 yards seasons. Do you think any of the current running backs for Big Blue can repeat that lofty achievement? Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. 

Hampton Answer: Hello Bobby, yes, I think the Giants have some talented running backs on the team and certainly they are capable of having five straight 1,000 yard seasons but a lot has to happen. The offensive line must be good and the running backs have to stay healthy but yes, I think they have a back or two that can do it for sure. 

2. nygreporter Reader Question: Josh Berman asks, Hello Rodney, who do you think is responsible for the Giants poor running game this year? Is it the offensive lines fault? the backs? the coaches or injuries? a mix of them all maybe? Thanks!

Hampton Answer: Hello Josh, the running game has slowed down because of a combination of reasons. The offensive line has been hit hard by injuries and the team has been throwing the ball a lot this year. I wouldn’t give up on it yet, it’s December now and things are starting to click. Let’s wait and see what happens. 

Rodney’s DAC Fact

Did you know that RB Rodney Hampton was drafted in 1990? There were a few more famous players who were drafted that year. Along with the dynamic Super Bowl Champ Hamp, another RB was drafted that year. His name is Emmitt Smith. Smith is hated by all of Giants Nation but also respected. Smith would end his career as the greatest running back statistically in NFL history. Other big names from that draft are LB Junior Seau, DB Mark Carrier and DT Cortez Kennedy is no slouch either. DB Mark Carrier is a player many remember from back in the day and he is a 3x Pro Bowler. Cortez Kennedy is an 8x Pro Bowler and Junior Seau is a 12x Pro Bowl player.

Check out Rodney’s football camp and after school programs at the link below!

RD – nygreporter.com – Happy Holidays!

Please visit www.hampscamp.com and donate/contribute to Rodney Hampton’s football camp for kids!

4 Responses to 12/17/11 Christmas DAC Day 17, Rodney Hampton Returns!

  1. Anthony Cusimano says:

    Rob – great job in bringing one of my favorite giants from the parcells era in for an interview!! He always seemed like a great guy!!

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey thanks buddy, he really is a cool guy. Very down to earth and a family man. I’m glad you liked it, be sure to come back and check us out on Christmas eve. Spoiler alert lol just kidding.

  2. Josh Berman says:

    A big thanks to Rodney for answering my question! It is really cool to have one of my heroes respond like that!!

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