12/23/11 Christmas DAC Day 23, 2012 NFL Draft

NEW YORK – Hello Giants fans, I know it seems way too early to start talking about the draft but it is in fact only 4 months away. The NFL will hold the draft in April 2012 at Radio City Music Hall as usual and fans will be giving their expert advice, all month long, to anyone who will listen. I will be no different on here, telling you what I think and what is needed. The first area of need continues to be the offensive line. They need more depth at this position and protecting Eli Manning is worth the first round pick. Manning is having a career year and they need the blue wall up to protect his NFL Iron Man streak. I would start the entire draft by picking up a 10 year beast in the middle. I have been talking about grabbing a first round offensive lineman for two years now. With Manning getting into his 30’s, this investment makes sense now more then ever. What do you think?

The next area I would focus on is the running back position. I love the guys we have on the team but injuries have forced me to look at the Giants depth. Drafting a young and strong RB to keep in the stable would be a smart move right about now. If anyone can find the diamond in the rough in round two, it’s Giants GM Jerry Reese. I know it may seem odd that I would use the first two picks on offense, when the defense was so decimated by injuries this season. But The offensive line is what allows the offensive machine to get into sync and the RB situation was illuminated when both Jacobs and Bradshaw missed time. Ware and the rookie Scott were the only two options remaining and the Giants rushing attack is ranked at the very bottom of the list. The numbers simply don’t lie.

I honestly would not be surprised to see Big Blue draft a OL, RB or LB in round one. I’ve narrowed it down to those three positions. Now things can certainly change with transactions and trades as the draft gets closer. So this is strictly a pre-pre-pre-draft analysis for our readers. I think when the team gets back all of those injured players and you see them on the field, what I’m saying now, will make more sense. The G-Men are stacked at a bunch of positions but it has been so long since fans have seen these guys play together, they actually forget the squad. I wouldn’t mind seeing them bring back the Andrews brothers either, Shawn and Stacy as a real insurance policy for the offensive line.

These are my early draft assessments for the New York Giants. I will list the Giants area of need and show seven rounds by position. You are all welcome to write your own in the comment area and if you know of specific names, that is even better. I love checking out players that our readers inform us about. Remember these are just my opinions, so don’t rip my head off if you disagree with me. I’ve added a few player names for you to check out on your own, name and college.

DAC Analysis

New York Giants 2012 NFL Draft Needs by Position.

1. Offensive Lineman – Barrett Jones or DJ Fluker, both from Alabama maybe?

2. Running Back – Chris Polk from Washington?

3. Safety – Ray Ray Armstrong from University of Miami or Trumaine Johnson from Montana.

4. Linebacker – Keenan Robinson from Texas or Bobby Wagner from Utah State. 

5. Offensive Lineman – Alex Hurst from LSU or maybe Xavier Nixon From Florida?

6. Cornerback – Greg McCoy from TCU or Tashaun Gipson of Wyoming.

7. Kicker – Randy Bullock from Texas A&M, Caleb Sturgis from Florida or Quinn Sharp from Oklahoma State are all good prospects.

What are some of the needs you see on the Giants and what positions are in the most need?

RD – nygreporter.com – Merry Christmas!

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3 Responses to 12/23/11 Christmas DAC Day 23, 2012 NFL Draft

  1. bobbyg says:

    i had to get a comment in before i leave my hotel room.i agree with you on all aspects of the g-mens needs.eli has been an iron man and needs some good protection and i was also thinking with eli being in his 8th season,would it be time to actually groom a quarterback to sit behind the g-mens star QB for a couple of seasons.i also wish i could say i was confident in this game tommorrow.i was real confident last week and after the game felt like i got hit from behind with a blunt object lol.i know the trash talk has been a big deal this week,and i actually have no problem with victor cruz talking back about revis.especially when it seems rex ryan could say anything he wants and the media is cool with it.what are the g-men supposed to do, let them say what they want without any jabs back.i would rather the g-men win the bragging rights game right now then get into the playoffs only because i would love nothing more then for the giants to shut that rex ryan up for the next 3 years lol.i hope they win not only because they need it for the fans,but i know your going and that would be cool just to look at a jet fan next to you and just smile after the game.we need this one rob.have an awesome christmas,its hard to find giants fans in N.C. lol,but we will be watching.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, I hope you are having fun with the family buddy! You might be right about grooming a new QB but we wouldn’t want to pull the trigger too early in the draft, look what happened with Rodgers behind Favre, a fiasco. I think 2 years from now would be appropriate in Manning tenth year. I would expect Manning to have a career from 12-15 years long. I just hope Big Blue wins so we don;t have to hear the Jets fans. Jets fans don’t have to worry about Giants fans talking because we’re too classy for that garbage lol. Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho

    • robdomaine says:

      PS – LOL Rodney Hampton answered your question Bobby, go check out the article man.

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