Merry Christmas to our Readers and Giants Family Everywhere

NEW YORK – On behalf of the nygreporter, I would like to wish all of our readers and Giants fans everywhere, a very Merry Christmas! I would also like to wish the coaches, staff and players of the New York Giants a very Merry Christmas and their families as well. I’m not sure what your favorite holiday is but mine has always been Christmas. Some of you may celebrate Christmas and some of you may not but I do. In fact, I am with my family right now enjoying the relaxed atmosphere near an illuminated tree, watching the kids running around and talking with my uncle and cousins. The girls are in the kitchen cooking and the guys will watch the Green Bay Packers play the Chicago Bears tonight at 8:20 PM EST on NBC. This is the final entry in our DAC Christmas series.

I have been all over the country and I’ve learned that Christmas is better with a chill in the air. I don’t need the whole ‘White Christmas’ even though it would be nice but I do enjoy a chill in the air. I’ve also learned that Christmas is better with family. Maybe it’s the hypnotic glow of colorful lights or the familiar Christmas music coming through the radio but Christmas does something to me like no other holiday. I enjoy giving gifts to my friends and family. I enjoy getting gifts too like every other sane person lol. I enjoy the cold walk from the car to the house I am visiting with gifts or a bottle under my arm. I enjoy the feast of food that gets made every year. I enjoy watching all of the Christmas movies on TV. I enjoy sending the Christmas cards back and forth between friends. I enjoy laughing about life with family. I enjoy praying with family and celebrating the birth of Jesus. These are some of the things I love about Christmas.

I hope all of you kids out there have a very nice Christmas. Remember to listen to your parents and don’t get into any trouble. Keep God in your heart and always do the right thing. Some Christmas seasons are better then others but try to remember to be thankful for whatever gifts you get each and every year because it is a blessing. Some kids get no gifts at all and to you I say Merry Christmas and keep your head up. Life changes and maybe one day things will be different for you but don’t ever give up trying. God Bless!

Some of our military forces are fighting overseas and cannot be with family or friends this year. I salute you and wish you a very, special, Merry Christmas! You are not forgotten! God Bless and Protect you always!

What family traditions do you and your family practice during the holidays?

RD – nygreporter – Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas to you and your family, God Bless!

4 Responses to Merry Christmas to our Readers and Giants Family Everywhere

  1. bobbyg says:

    well put my friend.merry christmas to you and yours.i guess the one tradition would be the tree of course and exchanging gifts,which i thank god were still able to do that with the economy and i realize not everyone is able to do that on christmas,so for that i am truly grateful.then of course eat to much,drink to much and watch lots of football lol,i guess life is good,i wonder why i complain so much lol.oh and yes,we giot bragging rights for christmas,happy holidays rob.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, thanks very much. Sorry it took a little while to reply, it’s been crazy for holidays lol. I hope you and the family had a great holiday season too. I was going crazy during the game, it was incredible. I am so glad we beat them. The Giants can beat the Cowboys on Sunday, we all know that. Let’s hope they can make it back to the post season and give the fans a nice New Year gift!

  2. bobbyg says:

    hey rob,hope you had a great holiday you think it will be a shootout or slugfest sunday night.i have a feeling the cowboys are going to try to open it up early on the g-men with long passes,the g-men have to be ready.even though the defense played better against the jets,big blue has to bring the house in this one.i remember these cowboys came to the giants house and won with john kitna last season and the g-men have to be relentless from start to finish.i think coughlin has to keep letting the players remember the skins game and how they really have to be consistent in there play for two weeks in a row.i am so excited for this one rob,i know the g-men could do it.looking forward to your pre-game article.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hello Bobby, I was home and went right back out the door to visit other family this week lol. Sorry I haven’t written the Jets/Giants game notes article yet but I will right now. This has been a hectic Christmas for me this year lol.

      It all comes down to this Cowboys game and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is no more analysis to be made, the Giants win and they are in. Sit back and enjoy buddy!

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