NFL Week 16: Giants vs. Jets, Game Notes

NEW YORK – Hello Giants fans, I apologize for the delay in getting out this article but it has been a hectic Christmas for me traveling and all. The Giants played the city rival Jets in a big game on Saturday and pulled out the win as you know 29-14. The G-Men were looking to take down and shut up the loud mouth Jets with a sweet victory at MetLife stadium and they did just that. Even though MetLife (Giants stadium) had a green lighting scheme, the G-Men just had to imagine it being decorated for Christmas, because it was still a home game for Big Blue. The Battle for New York on Christmas Eve reads like a Hollywood movie script.

The game was actually pretty good all the way through and fun to watch. The first half saw both teams move the ball well but both defenses were stingy with giving up points. The stadium was filled with a sea of Green and Blue, which made the noise level even higher. Giants WR Victor Cruz had the play of the game when he scored on a 99 yard pass from Manning that was really all about Cruz and his moves. The Giants took a 10-7 lead into the locker room at halftime and came out blazing for the second half. The Giants scored 19 more points in the second half including a rare safety against Jets QB Mark Sanchez. The G-Men gave up a garbage TD late in the game but it would not be enough to change anything. The Giants have won bragging rights for the next 4 years. Do I think this will shut up Jets Coach Rex Ryan and his team? No. They cannot control themselves and will figure out something else to talk about. What can you do, right?

Let’s take a look at my notes from the game.

QB Eli Manning – Manning has officially made it to the 2012 Pro Bowl and he deserves it. He had a good game and finished with 225 yards 1 TD 1 INT. Congrats Eli! Another career season for the captain.

RB Ahmad Bradshaw – AB is fun to watch. He barreled over defenders for 54 yards and 2 TD’s. Nice work AB!

WR Hakeem Nicks – Nicks had a quiet day on Revis Island but still finished with 20 yards.

DE Justin Tuck – Tuck was making plays out there and finished the game with 1 sack.

LB Michael Boley – Boley continues to be a major piece to the Giants defensive puzzle. He is a pure leader out there and had a good game.

RB DJ Ware – Ware was involved in the game and had a couple of nice runs. He finished with 20 yards.

LB Mathias Kiawnuka – Kiwi is a beast and was around the ball for most of the game, even if he wasn’t making tackles, he was making them change direction.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul – JPP is officially going to the Pro Bowl and fans can see why. He finished with 2 sacks on the day. Congrats JPP!

WR Victor Cruz – Cruz was chosen as an alternate for the Pro Bowl and has become the Giants all-time receiving yards leader. He finished with 164 yards and 1 TD. Congrats Vic!

LB Greg Jones – Jones continues to do his best out on the field as a rookie and will be a better player next year for certain.

RB Brandon Jacobs – Jacobs was hurting players out there with his hard running and finished with 42 yards rushing and 13 yards receiving.

S Antrel Rolle – Rolle was the top tackler for Big Blue and was making plays all day. He talks the talk but also walks the walk.

LB Jacquian Williams – I saw the rookie Williams in on a lot of plays and he is another player who will be better next year.

CB Aaron Ross – Ross won’t be going to the Pro Bowl but we have to applaud what he has done in 2011. Nice work Aaron!

DT Chris Canty – Canty has been turning it on lately and had a nice game. he finished with a safety/sack.

S Kenny Phillips – Phillips continues to be a leader on the field and finished the day with 1 INT.

OL Mitch Petrus – Petrus has been doing an outstanding job this year and needs to recognized for his work. Good job out there Mitch!

CB Corey Webster – Webster has had an outstanding year and does not get enough credit for his work. He finished with 1 INT. I see you Corey!

DT Linval Joseph – Joseph is one strong man. We all know that and he has started to play on another level this year.

LB Chase Blackburn – Giants fans love Blackburn and are happy he is back. He had another great game and I hope we keep him on the team.

DE Dave Tollefson – Tollefson is another guy who quietly does his job and gets no shine but I see you Dave. He finished with 1 sack. Nice game buddy!

S Tyler Sash – The rookie Sash was making plays out there and has been a welcome addition to the special teams too.

P Steve Weatherford – The Weatherman had another solid game and I hope we lock him down for the next decade.

K Lawrence Tynes – Tynes went 2/2 on FG attempts and made all three of his extra point attempts. Good Game Larry.

Giants Offense – The G-Men put up 29 points on a very good defense and they did what they had to do to win. Great game!

Giants Defense – The Giants defense won this game in my opinion. They really turned it on and finished with 5 sacks, 2 INT’s and a safety.

Giants Special Teams – The special teams had a decent game and will need to work on improving during the offseason.

What did you think about the Giants performance against the Jets?

RD –

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8 Responses to NFL Week 16: Giants vs. Jets, Game Notes

  1. bobbyg says:

    A few things worry me about this cowboys game.the minute i knew it was for the all the marbles this week i thought,we beat these guys in there house and they always seem to beat us in ours.lets face it,home field advantage for the g-men has been less then stellar this season and that worries me.i know they came to the giants and beat them with kitna last year and if romo with that hand isnt ready to play,i would hate to see another backup come in and be successful.and the other scenario that worries me is romo, even with the bad hand being successful against the g-mens secondary.i know i sound like a worry wart and i am because this is the season,also i didnt like that there were occasions last week where the g-mens offense didnt look that good against a jets team that i dont think is that great on defense this season,there were some things that could have come back to haunt the g-men in that game. with all that said,i believe the g-men could beat any team on any day when they show up,and thats the key,will they be able not only to show up for two weeks straight,but be even better as a team then the previous weeks performance.the giants need all phases to show,offense defense and special teams.during the year only one of those components seem to show up in games while the later are non the redskins game none of those components showed up in a game that if the g-men won they could have slid into the playoffs on a wildcard.if i was coughlin i would keep showing the skins tape over and over,then the 2007 superbowl tape,and say who do you want to be this week far as rex ryan goes,if the jets get in and the g-men blow there opportunity,you cannot imagine the talking trash there will be come monday,because he will say,we may not be the big brother in new york,but we are in the playoffs the last three years and they werent.the g-men need to win sunday night,its absolutely paramount to say the least.

    • robdomaine says:

      I think it is natural to be nervous about the Cowboys game. There are so many things involved and on the line with this one that it would be impossible not to be nervous. I’m nervous too buddy. It all comes down to our defense stopping their offense. Nothing else matters in this game because our offense will score points.

      I was surprised that a few Giants were left off the Pro Bowl squad too but I’m glad we got Eli and JPP in there. I think both of those guys will play well against Dallas too.

  2. bobbyg says:

    i always forget to answer the question and go on a rant lol.the performance of the g-men was good enough to win and i agree that the defense had a lot to do with it.i really hope this giants team could be consistent for two weeks in a not taking anything away from the g-men winning,but i dont believe the jets are the team they were the previous two years.when the score was 20-14 i was starting to shake again until the safety.wouldnt it be nice if the g-men could give there fans a blowout victory on sunday night and not make us nervous wrecks in the 4th quarter every week.besides,they owe us one from that redskin debacle i buying in,am i trusting them to actually show up two weeks in a a giants fan,i guess i have too.

    • robdomaine says:

      The Giants victory over the Jets was the most satisfying game I’ve watched all year. If we can do it again this weekend, we will be in the postseason. How far we can go from there with all the injuries is anybody’s guess but it would be nice to at least make it back in my opinion. I’m with you and you will see a ton of white towels that say “all in” on them at the stadium. Have a great day buddy!

  3. bobbyg says:

    i know you have a busy week with the holidays.i didnt see a giants article for sundays game yet,so i wanted to take time to wish you and your family a happy new year and thank you for the website us fans can go dont know how sick i was that the blogs left and your website saved us.especially since im not a facebook or twitter guy lol.anyway,this is it sunday night and for all the praying i did,the g-men should win in a blowout.from my mouth to gods ears as always.god bless you and yours,happy new year rob.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, thanks very much buddy, that means a lot. I do my best here and I’m glad that you like it. I want to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year and let’s hope we have some good news to discuss on Monday!

  4. bobbyg says:

    oh yeah,im all in.lets win this thing.

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