New York Giants Getting More Help on Special Teams

June 24, 2011

NEW YORK – The New York Giants will be getting more help for the special teams squad immediately following the NFL lockout (now 105 days old). News has broke about the G-Men planning to sign special teams assistant coach Larry Izzo to come in and help out a deplorable squad, which has been especially horrible over the past two years. Everyone around the NFL is familiar with Larry Izzo who spent 14 years in the NFL, primarily as a special teams guy. He has played for the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots and New York Jets. Izzo was a Pro Bowl caliber player and is a three-time Super Bowl Champion. The 36 year old Izzo last played in the NFL in 2009 for the Jets. One more bit of interesting news on Izzo is the fact that his wife’s name is Mara.

The Giants have thoroughly addressed the special teams unit this offseason in both the coaching and player areas. Big Blue has been atrocious on special teams for the past few years and have been ranked at the very bottom of multiple categories for special teams production. This future signing is very good news for Giants fans and I like the move made by GM Jerry Reese to get some new blood into that group. Special Teams coach Tom Quinn has not been very productive since taking over the special teams duties. It pains me to say that because Quinn is a Giants coach but the game plays out on national television and even the most novice fan can see they stink.

Hearing this news makes me wonder about other players who could/should become coaches. Three players that I immediately think about for assistant coaching jobs are former LB Antonio Pierce for the linebackers, WR David Tyree for special teams and P Jeff Feagles for the punting/kicking squad. All of these guys are Pro Bowl players in their respective areas and Super Bowl Champions. Feagles would be the most attractive hire since he is widely considered to be the best punter to ever play the game of football.

What do you think about the Giants announcing their plans to hire Larry Izzo once the lockout is over?

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March 11, 2011

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What is your most prized New York Giants possession? My favorite is a helmet that Michael Strahan personally signed for me.

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WR David “Helmet Catch” Tyree Signs Deal With Giants

July 30, 2010

Sometimes, I feel like the Giants organization checks out our work here on this site. I’m sure that isn’t the case but we did write an article a week or so ago called “Hey Giants, what’s wrong with David Tyree?”. I did not see this report yesterday when they broke the news about signing DE/LB Alex Hall or putting rookie safety Chad Jones on waivers. These reports showed up this morning. Now this could have meant one of two things. First, the team feels like the have someone who can contribute solely on special teams and do some work. Secondly, Tyree signed a one day deal so he can retire as a New York Giant.

The reality is that No.85 WR David Tyree has officially retired from the NFL. He signed a one day deal that would allow him to go down in the record books as retiring with Big Blue. I love that Tyree did this and I cannot think of a better way to leave the game for him. One of our contributors here, Kyle L, had mentioned this is exactly what would happen and he was dead right within weeks of it happening, nice call Kyle.

WR David Tyree will forever be remembered for “the greatest play in Super Bowl history” during the greatest upset in Super Bowl history. The New York Giants beat the New England Patriots 17-14 in the most exciting Super Bowl of the decade. He is a Super Bowl Champion and a Pro Bowler, nothing can ever change that. I had the pleasure of meeting David at the NFL draft party in the old Giants stadium. He was a very cool guy and very genuine. He signed a football for me, we shook hands and as I was leaving I said “thanks man, God bless”, he stopped what he was doing, looked right at me and “Thanks, God bless you too”. I knew at that moment that this was a spiritual guy. Kyle tells me that Tyree is very happy with his life and has no regrets. Good for him I say.

Everyone here at the nygreporter, wishes David Tyree and his family all of the best in all that they do.

How do you think WR David Tyree will be remembered in Giants folklore?

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Hey Giants, What’s Wrong With WR David Tyree?

July 8, 2010

Hello Giants fans, let me ask you a question. What is wrong with WR David Tyree? Besides owning the greatest play in Super Bowl history, many might have forgotten that David Tyree was a pro bowl player at one time. Not only that but he went to the pro bowl based upon his special teams performance. The guy is not over the hill having just 7 NFL seasons under his belt and can be an electrifying game changer at the strangest moments (see SB XLII). He is 30 years old, 6’0″ 206 pounds and has won on the biggest stage in the world.

There must be something wrong with him physically for the team not to be grabbing him for a one or two year deal. There are no illusions here, he would serve as a backup WR and a special teams leader. I’m not sure if he can run as fast as he did in 2005, when he went to the pro bowl but he is certainly worth taking a look at. Invite him to training camp at the very least. The New Jersey native and former 6th round pick (2003) knows the local area and knows the G-Men very well.

I would like our readers to participate in this article and tell me what you think. Our previous article listed some possible free agent acquisitions. I find it difficult to believe that WR Chris Brown, offered Big Blue more then what David Tyree can offer. Give the man a chance to fail his own physical I say. He is a fan favorite and it shows that you gave him the respect of a physical and training camp invite. I would love to know once and for all what the main reason is for David Tyree not getting a shot at making the team. Could this be over something personal? Sure it can be but I doubt it. It has to be something regarding Tyree’s physical condition (most likely his knee).

We all know that he was hanging around the locker room earlier this year and it seemed like he had the itch to play. I know one thing for certain, if he were to come back to the Giants, the fans would welcome him with open arms.

Would you take a chance on signing former New York Giants WR David Tyree for the 2010 NFL season?

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Giants Should Look Into These Free Agent Players

July 6, 2010

The New York Giants are going to have to bring in a player at some point, before the 2010 training camp begins in three weeks. I found a few interesting names that were on the free agent list. If these players are somehow signed or have a status change by the time you read this, then check my words and leave a comment.

What I am trying to do here, is list players who might be a very useful backup at their position but used mostly on special teams. As we all painfully know by now, the Big Blue special teams have a few issues. I say strike now and get the team a impact player. You never know how these things are going to turn out. Sam Madison and RW McQuarters served the G-Men well and they aren’t exactly spring chickens (no offense guys) but they are Super Bowl Champions.

I have reserved my opinions/picks for only two positions and they are the cornerbacks and the wide receivers. I will list four free agent players from both of those positions. Hopefully, the Giants can afford to pick up one of these players from the list and if they get two players, then thats even better. I feel that these two positions will serve the team best as far as having backups. These are two crucial positions and quite frankly, the Giants need some special teams help right now.

Check out the list of players and feel free to leave a comment on who you can see on the New York Giants in 2010.

2010 Free Agents (still unsigned)

– CB Samari Rolle – 6’0″ 175 pounds – 12 years NFL experience – 33 years old (one year deal IMO)

– CB Will Allen – 5’10” 195 pounds – 9 years NFL experience – 31 years old (two year deal IMO)

– CB Frank Walker – 5’11” 200 pounds – 7 years NFL experience – 28 years old (two year deal IMO)

– CB Fred Smoot – 5’11” 185 pounds – 9 years NFL experience – 31 years old (two year deal)

– WR David Tyree – 6’0″ 200 pounds – 7 years NFL experience – 30 years old (one year deal IMO)

– WR Kelley Washington – 6’3″ 217 pounds – 7 years NFL experience – 30 years old (one year deal IMO)

– WR Justin Jenkins – 6’0″ 207 pounds – 3 years NFL experience – 29 years old (one year deal IMO)

– WR Roy Hall – 6’3″ 240 pounds – 3 years NFL experience – 26 years old (two year deal IMO)

* I also like CB Philip Buchanon, 5’11” 186 pounds 29 years old 9 NFL seasons, who was released this off season too.

Be sure to go back and read the article again and remember we are talking about reliable depth at the CB and/or WR positions. These players would see a ton of time on special teams if they made the roster.

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