2011 NFL Minicamp: New York Giants Edition

April 18, 2011

NEW YORK – It’s been a crazy off season for football fans in 2011. You have to wonder if the teams will even hold minicamps this year because of the lockout which has now been going on for 38 long and painful days. The Giants began their mandatory minicamp on June 15, 2010 last year. That’s about 8 weeks away from us now using the current 2011 calendar. The rookie minicamp started even earlier then the mandatory one. It looks like they will need to get this lockout thing straightened out soon or else. I believe the owners have a date set in their mind. They will be willing to negotiate until the alarm date goes off on their iPhones, blackberry devices or Get Smart shoes.

There was some good news put out there today. The NFL will release the 2011 schedules tomorrow at 7:00 PM EST. This is always a fun 20 minutes when you make a cup of coffee and go over the new schedule. Check out who has the hardest strength of schedule and all of that. It is a nice and relaxing information gathering session. The fact that fans already know the opponents makes it a little less exciting but getting to find out the bye week is a plus. Perhaps, they will include all of the preseason dates and times as well. They released the preseason games last week but not the entire preseason schedule with dates and times.

The minicamps are important. Just like the training camps are important. Each piece to the puzzle is important no matter how insignificant it may appear to others. I’m sure Tom Coughlin and his coaching staff are watching too much film and climbing the walls right now at this very moment. Some of the staff might be up at 3 A.M. in a zombie-like state, watching film on the 7th round possibilities at the fullback position. It gets pretty ugly for staff this time of year and I applaud you all who do it everyday. You’re going to need a nice mini-vacation after April 30, 2011.

Do you think the NFL lockout will extend beyond the NFL Draft and into late summer? Will NFL teams hold their annual minicamps in 2011?

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Giants Mandatory Mini Camp: Day Three Notes 6/17/10

June 17, 2010

The 2010 New York Giants finished their final mandatory minicamp practice today. The team will now meet at the University of Albany for training camp on August 1, 2010.

The bad news about WR Domenik Hixon, missing the entire 2010 season, has opened up a can of worms over who will take his spot on the roster. Some question if it will be another WR. Special Teams coach Tom Quinn, has made some remarks about who will replace Hixon. Quinn said that rookie S Chad Jones, CB Aaron Ross, WR Sinorice Moss and  WR Mario Manningham will all contribute in helping fill the need at punt returner. That would leave the listener to believe that they will use that roster spot for another position.

Another question that is raised, is about the new turf at the new stadium. The players have complained about it in public and it could be the culprit of the Hixon injury. The coaches and front office seem to be unsure if the turf was at fault and have asked everyone to calm down while they look into it. Just another methodical move made by a classy organization. Obviously, the team doesn’t want their players getting hurt on the field and I’m sure that future concert promoters will have some new guidelines to adhere to.

The news wire has been pretty quiet about QB Eli Manning. Michael Eisen reports, Coach Gilbride said that Easy Eli threw the ball well and that he was pleased with his quarterbacks minicamp performance. Manning said all the right things during his interviews and seems very calm this season. Calm and determined. I expect everyone to say he is a top tier QB by the end of this season. There will be some very interesting Giants records broken in 2010, in my opinion.

Let’s take a look at the highlights from the final day of minicamp.

– Head Coach Tom Coughlin, spoke to the players before dismissing them until training camp on August 1. Giants.com quotes him as saying “What you talk about here is when you make a choice make sure it is in the best interest of you and your family,” Coughlin said. “And always make sure that whatever you decide to do, don’t do anything that you wouldn’t be proud of if it was on the front page.”

– Colonel Greg Gadson, attended practice and spoke to the team after the final minicamp practice today. Gadson has become a source of strength for the team since the 2007 Super Bowl run.

– Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell, told reporters that he messed around with about 3/4 of his defense during practice.

– Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride, said he liked what his saw from the players but also said everything, can always be improved on.

– The New York Giants practiced in the brand new Timex Performance Center.

– Punters Jy Bond and rookie Matt Dodge, had one heck of a battle and Special Teams coach Tom Quinn, still hasn’t given the nod one way or the other.

– Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride said that he believes backup QB Jim Sorgi will be Manning’s number two guy.

– Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell said he was very impressed with rookie MLB Phillip Dillard.

– QB Eli Manning and WR Hakeem Nicks plan on putting in some extra work this offseason to work on routes.

– DE Justin Tuck sat out of practice with a sore foot.

– GM Jerry Reese mentioned yesterday, that a trade might in the future plans of the team. Keep that in mind.

Which New York Giants player do you think had the best minicamp in 2010?

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Giants Mandatory Mini Camp: Day Two Notes 6/16/10

June 16, 2010

The New York Giants completed day two of their mandatory mini camp today. The team learned that WR Domenik Hixon will miss the 2010 season with a torn ACL. That is not a good way to kick off practices in 2010. The G-men were decimated by injuries in 2009 and I believe I heard a collective “no way man”, when hearing of Hixon’s misfortune at practice yesterday. The first injured reserve victim of the new year is a tough loss for Giants fans to accept. It is possible that the team could bring in another MLB to keep things interesting. More then likely, Giants GM Jerry Reese, will bring in or promote another wide receiver though.

Former Giants WR David Tyree stopped by for a visit recently, perhaps the team may consider bringing him back. We know that he is a special teams guy, who has made the pro bowl during his rookie year. We need help in that area and I hear he is pretty good as a WR, when you need someone to make a clutch catch. You never know, right?

The Giants had a morning session and an afternoon session again today, mimicking the schedule from yesterday. We are now only six weeks away from the beginning of training camp in Albany, New York. I’m curious to see who the team will add to the roster to replace Hixon. I’m sure that we will not have to wait long to find out.

Let’s take a look at some of the bullet points from the Giants practice today.

– WR Domenik Hixon is out for the 2010 season. He has a torn ACL. Get well soon Dom!

– WR Ramses Barden, is catching a lot of passes in practice and getting praise from the coaches. He had another good practice today.

– TE Kevin Boss will be ready for training camp. He is very optimistic and eager to get on the field.

– RB Andre Brown has shown some speed and explosiveness on the field. It appears he is healed up after missing the entire 2009 season (his rookie year).

– OT William Beatty is really being used quite a bit with the first team. This second year player could have a breakout year.

– WR Hakeem Nicks missed the morning practice but played in the afternoon. He seems to be doing fine now.

– Giants DC Perry Fewell has been experimenting like a mad scientist, now that he has all the defensive players in front of him. He is well liked so far.

– Giants GM Jerry Reese was reported to have said that a trade for another player is still a possibility. This is shocking if the reports are correct, I’ve never heard Jerry Reese talk publicly about a trade.

Are you getting excited for the 2010 NFL season to start?

RD – nygreporter.com

Giants Mandatory Mini Camp: Afternoon Session Notes 6/15/10

June 15, 2010

The New York Giants have completed their afternoon session of the mandatory mini camp, which began this morning. Early estimates by the associated press say about 7,000 New York Giants fans attended the “open practice”. The team advertised free tickets to the practice on their website, Giants.com and we also wrote an article about it here. It was a great day to be at the stadium because the weather was perfect.

The New York Giants finished their first day of a three day mandatory mini camp. There was a minor scuffle between the offensive and defensive lineman today during the afternoon practice, it was broken up very quickly and all was forgiven. Reportedly, Pierre-Paul and Osi were locked up with some offensive lineman. It’s good to see the two team mates sticking together, even if it was a short and meaningless scuffle. When the team gets to Albany it might not be such a minor thing. I expect some huge battles for starting roles on the defense, especially at the linebacker and defensive linemen positions.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the afternoon practice. Check out Giants.com for video of player interviews.

– WR Domenik Hixon went down grabbing his knee shortly before 3 PM EST. He remained on the sidelines with his knee wrapped up and did not return to practice.

– QB Eli Manning had a good practice and said he is very excited for the new season. He looks like he put on some muscle during the off season.

– CB Aaron Ross is on the field and getting back into fighting shape. He will surely be getting the rust off and hopefully returning to form in 2010.

– LT William Beatty has been playing with the first team offensive linemen. LT David Diehl has been moved to the LG position with the first team.

– Punters Matt Dodge and Jy Bond have a battle going on. Both of them have been impressive today. Dodge kicks further then Bond but Bond has more hang time.

– LB Clint Sintim owned up to having a less then acceptable rookie season and vows to be better in 2010. I believe him.

– S Kenny Phillips was all smiles after practice, while being interviewed in the locker room. He still remains a question mark for the season.

– DT Justin Tuck had a good practice and sounds like he is all business for this season.

– DE Osi Umenyiora has given new defensive coordinator Perry Fewell a good grade so far. Osi expects to have a solid season.

– The Giants defense has been experimenting with four defensive ends (Tuck, Kiwi, Osi, JPP) during mini camp.

Who do you expect the 2010 breakout player for the New York Giants will be?

RD – nygreporter.com