New York Giants Cut QB Riley Skinner

June 25, 2010

The New York Giants cut rookie backup QB Riley Skinner today. Skinner (Wake Forest) was battling for a roster spot throughout minicamp but appears to have missed the mark. This is not a question of the kids heart or skills, he just went up against some guys the team feels are a better fit. QB Jim Sorgi was Peyton Manning’s backup QB for years, we all knew he wasn’t going anywhere. Sorgi will become Super Bowl MVP QB Eli Manning’s study partner. I feel that grabbing Sorgi was a good move for the G-Men, after former backup QB David Carr, wanted out of New York to seek an opportunity to start for a team.

The fact that the team cut Skinner (6’0″ 214 pounds) tells me that they feel confident in the two remaining QB’s on the roster, to backup Iron Man QB Easy Eli Manning. We know why Sorgi was brought in but what about Rhett Bomar? Is Bomar the answer for a LIVE game replacement? Expect to see Bomar quite a bit during the preseason games. Head Coach Tom Coughlin will want this kid battle tested, just in case something should happen to Manning. To be honest, I haven’t seen Bomar play enough to even have an opinion yet. The question still remains in my mind, who can handle “game time” if the team should come calling?

What do you think about the New York Giants cutting QB Riley Skinner today? Are you confident in both Jim Sorgi and Rhett Bomar. as the backup QB’s?

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New York Giants Make Roster Moves 5-7-10

May 7, 2010

The New York Giants signed two players today who were attending the rookie mini camp. This is quite an achievement for these two young men because it truly is a long shot to get signed when players take this route. The G-Men also released a player today as well. The roster is slowly beginning to take shape and with each new roster move, the Giants are showing the areas the feel need to be addressed.

The first player signed today is a linebacker from Kentucky named Micah Johnson (not to be confused with the WR prospect Micah Rucker). Johnson is 6’1″ 262 pounds and played most of last year with a strained MCL, something that might have kept teams from taking a closer look at him. The Giants must have seen something they liked or they would not have signed him. The linebacker position will be under a microscope this year and most fans are extremely curious to see who will be the starting MLB when the season starts.

The Giants also signed a quarterback from Wake Forest named Riley Skinner. The 24 year old QB is 6’0″ 210 pounds and is the winningest quarterback in the school’s history. The biggest knock on Skinner (as told by the player experts) will be his height. I have said it before and I will say it again, I’m not sure how well Jim Sorgi can perform on the field during crunch time. I am not calling the man out but when you are Iron Man Peyton Manning’s backup QB, you pretty much watch the game from the bench. Everyone knows he will be an incredible asset as Eli’s study partner but I am very curious to see what he can do when given an opportunity to play, something that all Giants fans hope will never be necessary. Who will eventually end up the true backup QB to Eli Manning is anyone’s guess at this point. QB Rhett Bomar seems to have the inside track for getting in the games.

QB Dominic Randolph was waived by the Giants today.

Two Big Blue linebackers Bryan Kehl and Phillip Dillard, have decided to switch jersey numbers. Kehl will wear No. 55 from now on, while Dillard will rock No. 53. There was no mention of any side payments or favors that were required in order to switch, which has become a custom in the NFL when vets deal with rookies.

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