New York Giants Cut QB Riley Skinner

The New York Giants cut rookie backup QB Riley Skinner today. Skinner (Wake Forest) was battling for a roster spot throughout minicamp but appears to have missed the mark. This is not a question of the kids heart or skills, he just went up against some guys the team feels are a better fit. QB Jim Sorgi was Peyton Manning’s backup QB for years, we all knew he wasn’t going anywhere. Sorgi will become Super Bowl MVP QB Eli Manning’s study partner. I feel that grabbing Sorgi was a good move for the G-Men, after former backup QB David Carr, wanted out of New York to seek an opportunity to start for a team.

The fact that the team cut Skinner (6’0″ 214 pounds) tells me that they feel confident in the two remaining QB’s on the roster, to backup Iron Man QB Easy Eli Manning. We know why Sorgi was brought in but what about Rhett Bomar? Is Bomar the answer for a LIVE game replacement? Expect to see Bomar quite a bit during the preseason games. Head Coach Tom Coughlin will want this kid battle tested, just in case something should happen to Manning. To be honest, I haven’t seen Bomar play enough to even have an opinion yet. The question still remains in my mind, who can handle “game time” if the team should come calling?

What do you think about the New York Giants cutting QB Riley Skinner today? Are you confident in both Jim Sorgi and Rhett Bomar. as the backup QB’s?

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8 Responses to New York Giants Cut QB Riley Skinner

  1. wakeforestfan says:

    screw the Giants! why bring him in if u cant even let him play in a fricken preseason game why sign him in the first place who the hell is rhet romar anyway

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Wakeforestfan, thanks fore the comment. All I can say is that the team was very serious about QB Riley Skinner or they would not have brought him in at all. The team just decided they were going to go with Eli, Sorgi and Bomar as the three QB’s for 2010. No one questions Skinner’s heart or dedication, it’s just a numbers game. The Giants also did Skinner a favor by releasing him early enough, so he could try and sell his services elsewhere with plenty of time before the season starts. It wasn’t personal, just business.

  2. WakeForestCuz says:

    It’s good that they went ahead and let him go, instead of giving him false hope. He’s a total sweetheart; super nice no matter how tired he was after practices & games. I’m sure he’ll do good. I wish Riley the best of luck no matter what happens. Go Deacs!!!!! (P.S. If you watch Wake Forest football, keep an eye out for TE Cameron Ford, #83. He’s my cousin.)

    • robdomaine says:

      I can tell you one thing about Riley Skinner, that guy has a ton of fans. He is one of the top searches on this site and still gets a couple of dozen hits per day. He must be a good guy to have that kind of loyal fan base. I wish him luck where ever his journey may lead him.

  3. GAfootball says:

    Riley could be the next Drew Brees if he gets the chance. He’s cool under pressure with precision accuracy. Handles the game just like Brees. He and Phillip Rivers were the best QB’s ever in the ACC and that’s backed up by official statistics.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey GAfootball, like I said, Riley Skinner has been getting a tremendous amount of web traffic. it would not surprise me in the least if he were to catch on elsewhere and have a great career. Everything I read about him makes me like him and wish him the very best.

  4. mare says:

    Riley, we need you back at wake forest! it is painful to watch this season’s games! Please consult with whoever stays on as quarterback; we need your help….

    • robdomaine says:

      QB Riley Skinner is a very popular player as I said before and I am really in awe of how many people have showed this kid love. I hope he can make his way in NFL one day and I am rooting for him.

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