Giants OL Rich Seubert Breaks Bone in Hand

August 6, 2010

New York Giants offensive lineman Rich Seubert has a broken bone in his left hand and will miss some time. The early reports say he will miss at least one week but it could be longer. Seubert already has a large cast on his right hand and forearm and when asked about it, he said to “ask coach about it”. Tom Coughlin has said he will talk to reporters about this following the afternoon practice today which concludes at 4:35 PM EST. Today is also the Giants autograph night in Albany, so Coughlin might not get to speak until around 5:00 PM EST.

Nobody knows how Seubert got his injury or exactly how long he will be out of action. I’m not familiar with the bones in the hand, all I know is that there are a lot of them in there. I find it hard to believe that No.69 will only miss a week of practice but I hope that turns out to be the case. OL William Beatty is battling for the starting OT spot, which many believe will slide David Diehl to OG, putting Seubert in the position of possibly becoming a backup. OL Shaun O’Hara has also been on the sideline for a while now with a nagging ankle injury. Both of these guys are veterans and they will be back on the field at some point.

You just hate to see the Giants dealing with so many injuries following the 2009 season, which was plagued by injuries the entire season. Having two out of the five starting offensive lineman injured right now is enough to make a Giants fan rip the hair out of their head.

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2010 New York Giants: The Quarterbacks

April 7, 2010

If there is one thing that I am absolutely positive of this upcoming 2010 NFL season, it is that Eli Manning is the starting QB of the New York Giants. Manning has an Iron Man streak going and has proven to be tough when the moment arises that he need be. Eli Manning is on track to have another career year if his numbers continue to improve as they have. Losing a backup quarterback with the talent of David Carr will be difficult to replace. I think Carr might be wondering if he made the right choice now by going to the 49ers.  I expect Eli Manning to be voted into the Pro Bowl in 2010 based upon another career year. Eli will need to take WR Steve Smith and WR Hakeem “Octopus Hands” Nicks out for a steak dinner by the end of the season (gold watches might even be involved).

Retaining backup QB Jim Sorgi from the Colts was a nice thing. Eli Manning now has the study partner of his dreams and can be counted on to know his material/plan before a game. The New York Giants need a reliable backup Qb who can win games. Who is available to bring on board in case QB Rhett Bomar doesn’t work out? GM Jerry Reese will not allow the QB position to be an area of concern for Giants fans.

What do you think about the current New York Giants Quarterback situation? Is this an area that could be addressed via free agency or will Reese use a late round pick on a QB again? If so, who can you see the G-Men taking a late round QB sleeper on?

Here is a list of current New York Giants Quarterbacks:

1. Eli Manning #10

2. Jim Sorgi #19

3. Rhett Bomar #5

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2010 New York Giants: Center and Offensive Guards

April 7, 2010

This is an area that I feel compelled to discuss. if you take a look at the Official site of the New York Giants, click on the roster tab and investigate, you will find that the Giants have only 4 total players to cover both the Center and Guard positions. This is an area I can see going as high as the number two pick and even a number one spot would not surprise me. I still think the Giants will draft a MLB with the number one pick but if not that, then why not go offensive lineman? It makes sense to bolster this group for Eli manning and the running attack. I have to admit that I had become a bit spoiled with not worrying about the offensive line for so long. This is one of the greatest group of OL guys in Giants history.

Shaun O’Hara is still playing at a high level and drafting a Center in the 2010 NFL Draft would be more of an insurance pick. Someone that can be groomed under O’Hara’s tutelage. The team is going to have to consider the future in this draft without question. There is an injection of youth in every major area of this team and I expect that trend to go in 2010 at the offensive lineman position. I still have faith in this unit as a whole and think they will be fine for another couple of years.

What do you think about the current New York Giants Center and Guard positions? Who do you envision as a possible draft pick in the first or second round at the C/G positions in this years draft?

Here is a list of the current New York Giants Center and Guard position players:

1. Shaun O’Hara, Center #60

2. Chris Snee, Guard #76

3. Rich Seubert, Guard #69

4. Kevin Boothe, Guard #77

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Welcome to the NYG Reporter!

March 6, 2010

This is a website for New York Giants fans and writers to come and discuss New York Giants football. There is nothing left out of the discussion here concerning the G-Men during the season and off season. We are looking to build a strong network of solid New York Giants writers.

We have been featured on CBS Sports, USA Today,, Giants 101, SB Nation and bleacher report just to name a few. The goal was to create a stress free environment for Giants writers to come and share their thoughts and strategies, without feeling suffocated or pressured to constantly write new material for the site. All are welcome here, from the established and seasoned sports writer, to the beginner trying to make sense of it all. Welcome to the NYG Reporter!

This site was born on March 6, 2010. I hope you decide to check us out and stay a while!

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