Giants OL Rich Seubert Breaks Bone in Hand

New York Giants offensive lineman Rich Seubert has a broken bone in his left hand and will miss some time. The early reports say he will miss at least one week but it could be longer. Seubert already has a large cast on his right hand and forearm and when asked about it, he said to “ask coach about it”. Tom Coughlin has said he will talk to reporters about this following the afternoon practice today which concludes at 4:35 PM EST. Today is also the Giants autograph night in Albany, so Coughlin might not get to speak until around 5:00 PM EST.

Nobody knows how Seubert got his injury or exactly how long he will be out of action. I’m not familiar with the bones in the hand, all I know is that there are a lot of them in there. I find it hard to believe that No.69 will only miss a week of practice but I hope that turns out to be the case. OL William Beatty is battling for the starting OT spot, which many believe will slide David Diehl to OG, putting Seubert in the position of possibly becoming a backup. OL Shaun O’Hara has also been on the sideline for a while now with a nagging ankle injury. Both of these guys are veterans and they will be back on the field at some point.

You just hate to see the Giants dealing with so many injuries following the 2009 season, which was plagued by injuries the entire season. Having two out of the five starting offensive lineman injured right now is enough to make a Giants fan rip the hair out of their head.

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