2010 New York Giants: The Quarterbacks

If there is one thing that I am absolutely positive of this upcoming 2010 NFL season, it is that Eli Manning is the starting QB of the New York Giants. Manning has an Iron Man streak going and has proven to be tough when the moment arises that he need be. Eli Manning is on track to have another career year if his numbers continue to improve as they have. Losing a backup quarterback with the talent of David Carr will be difficult to replace. I think Carr might be wondering if he made the right choice now by going to the 49ers.  I expect Eli Manning to be voted into the Pro Bowl in 2010 based upon another career year. Eli will need to take WR Steve Smith and WR Hakeem “Octopus Hands” Nicks out for a steak dinner by the end of the season (gold watches might even be involved).

Retaining backup QB Jim Sorgi from the Colts was a nice thing. Eli Manning now has the study partner of his dreams and can be counted on to know his material/plan before a game. The New York Giants need a reliable backup Qb who can win games. Who is available to bring on board in case QB Rhett Bomar doesn’t work out? GM Jerry Reese will not allow the QB position to be an area of concern for Giants fans.

What do you think about the current New York Giants Quarterback situation? Is this an area that could be addressed via free agency or will Reese use a late round pick on a QB again? If so, who can you see the G-Men taking a late round QB sleeper on?

Here is a list of current New York Giants Quarterbacks:

1. Eli Manning #10

2. Jim Sorgi #19

3. Rhett Bomar #5

RD – NYGReporter.com

3 Responses to 2010 New York Giants: The Quarterbacks

  1. Padua says:

    Eli rocks, that’s for sure. He’s an ironman, and there is little chance of him going down (thank heaven for that), so I think landing Sorgi was the right call.

    According to what I read, Peyton praised Sorgi’s preparation abilities a lot, saying he was crucial for gameplanning. That is saying a lot!

    Regarding Rhett Bomar, he should get more reps as a qb so we can have an extra option there. I don’t know a lot about him, but the Giants coaches were trying to change his throwing motion, and that’s never a good sign…

    I don’t see the Giants getting another QB, not this year anyway.

    • robdomaine says:

      Eli Manning is going to be even better in 2010. I’m glad to hear someone else say it and believe it. The WR group will be even better, thus making his numbers better. Sorgi will be a good study partner. If Peyton says he is cool, then I will not argue with him. Giants Fans need to see more of Rhett Bomar to get an idea of what he can do. Right now, not very many are confident he can become the true backup QB. This is an opportunity for Bomar to make something happen. I am rooting for hi to do well.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Saulo how are you holding up in Rio by the way? I heard you guys got hit pretty hard with storms and flooding. Is everything OK where you are?

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