How Does the McNabb Trade Effect the Giants?

April 5, 2010

The Philadelphia Eagles have decided to give the keys to the kingdom to QB Kevin Kolb. You may have been busy yesterday, with church and Easter egg hunts but by this morning you have probably found out that QB Donovan McNabb was traded to the Washington Redskins. The question I pose to all of our readers is simple, how does this trade effect the New York Giants?

First lets take a look at the situation, which for a lack of a better word is, insane. We have Donovan McNabb, Mr. Eagle, being traded to division rival Washington because the team took McNabb’s “feelings” into consideration. Really? (If the Redskins lose both games to the Eagles, could this become scandalous?) The Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders were said to be the top two contenders for landing Donovan but at the last minute they trade him within the division? Crazy. It would have been nice if Washington had done the same thing for QB Jason Campbell, who has been treated like a guest the entire time he has played in Washington. Apparently, the only consideration Campbell was shown was a phone call, after the fact, by head coach Shanahan and McNabb himself. The Redskins have a horrible offensive line and they do not have the WR corps that McNabb enjoyed in Philadelphia. Taking all of this into consideration, the McNabb trade to Washington helps the G-men this season in my opinion.

Next we have the fact that QB Michael “half man, half amazing” Vick will be backing up who? Kevin Kolb. Perhaps, I am getting old but this entire scenario a few years ago would be considered grounds for a one way ticket to the funny farm. But here we are getting ready for the 2010 season and it is a reality. Kolb will be the true starting QB for the first time in his career. Many experts have said that he is ready to lead this team and most say he will do very well. A new young QB doing very well to me means, keeping your team above 500 and ending the season with a 9-7 record and no playoff spot. So this situation also helps the G-men for the new season. Both teams, Washington and Philadelphia, will suffer at least one year of growing pains for these changes they made. The New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys will be fighting for NFC East supremacy come the end of the year. What are your thoughts on how this will effect the Giants?

RD –