Josh Berman’s Giants Update: Edition 1

April 29, 2010

It feels so good to be back and writing about the New York Football Giants. For any of you who have been able to follow my writing over the last year or so you have probably noticed that sporadic is an understatment. Don’t get me wrong I love talking football, and that never stops (ask my friends, they take motrin because of me), but I’m not always good at getting my ideas down on….paper for lack of a better noun. Point is, I herby solemnly swear to update you with breaking news, thoughts and opinions as they form, hence the “Weekly Update: Edition 1”. P.S. you can follow me on twitter for more frequent notes:

Anyway on to this weeks post!

Draft is done, I’d like to tip my hat to Rob for some truly excellent draft coverage, and to the Giants for a truly excellent draft. We have a few projects but the coaching staff is well equiped to bring these guys along. If you wanted my honest, pessimistic, realistic opinion I’d tell you the Giants are not Super Bowl bound in 2010. I think the draft did one very important thing however, it set the Giants up for glory in 2011. Looking ahead to that year, the G-Men will almost defiantly lose a defensive end (probably Osi), but now they can afford too, and it sets them up to draft offensive line and running back in the next draft making the team complete and frankly; scary!

Moving on to update number two, I attended the Big City Lacrosse Classic 4/10/10 in the new stadium, and let me tell you the stadium is huge. Dwarfing Giants Stadium, which is right next door, and looks well…awesome! It really has a unique exterior look which will be identified with Big Blue for years and years. The interior was somewhat sparse, and the third concourse wasn’t quite finished as it was still sectioned off, but it’s a lacrosse classic…can’t expect much. Food pricing wasn’t as awful as reports indicate, however I don’t know about beer (not 21). But if you think about it they make the prices high so fans don’t get totally trashed, I mean come on, you’re telling me if beer was $2 you wouldn’t have like 6? All in all it was a great experience, I even stood on the sideline for a little (turf felt nice). Plus, Syracuse destroyed Princeton so my day was complete!

So that’s all for now, again sorry I haven’t written more, been doing a lot of college prep/finishing senior year stuff (I’m heading to Syracuse University next year just as a side note haha). I promise I will update weekly or you can come and yell at me all over the comments thread. Bye for now!

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