New York Giants say,”Pick a Jersey Number, Rookie”

April 26, 2010

The first draft class of the New Meadowlands stadium is currently settling in. What a treat for these young players to end up in a situation where the team has brand new state of the art equipment and facilities. These kids today, I’ll tell yaahh! While they were settling in, someone came up to them and said, hey rookie, pick a jersey number. If the number is available, they will get it, if not, then they won’t. Some of them were lucky enough to get the same numbers they wore in college, something I’m told is like a link on a chain to some players. It is extremely important to some and doesn’t mean anything to others.

This is a very exciting time for these rookies. I expect the team to harass them during the training camp and pre-season days. Hopefully, there aren’t any fights that break out this year. These rookies will need to earn the respect of the team, the coaches and the fans. That’s a tall order for anyone to attempt at such a young age. I am confident that the front office has systems in place (Charles Way) to help these young men transition into the pros. They will begin by having every Giants fan rooting for them, while the team and coaches test them. I hope they perform well.

Let’s take a look at what jersey numbers were selected. I will list the rookie players below in the same order in which they were drafted over the weekend during the 2010 NFL Draft.

Round 1 – DE Jason “Wild Thing” Pierre-Paul will wear No. 90

Round 2 – DT Linval Joseph will wear No. 97

Round 3 – S Chad Jones will wear No. 35

Round 4 – LB Phillip Dillard will wear No. 55

Round 5 – OG Mitch Petrus will wear No. 62

Round 6 – LB/DE Adrian Tracy will wear No. 98

Round 7 – P Matt Dodge will wear No. 6

Do you own any authentic New York Giants jersey’s or any kind of Giants jersey at all? What players did you get?

I have 6 authentic jersey’s in my collection.

Eli Manning No. 10 x2, circa 2004 and 2008

Antonio Pierce No. 58, circa 2005

Greg Jackson No. 47, circa 1993

Jessie Armstead No. 98, circa 1998

Jeremy Shockey No. 80, circa 2006

RD –

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