I’d like to officially start this column by paying dues to one of my personal heroes, Mr. Jeffrey Allan Feagles, the best punter in the history of the NFL.

Feagles started his NFL career back 1988, when he was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks. He came to Big Blue in 2003, and had 7 successful seasons for us. He and former Giant John Carney were the last remaining NFL players from the 1980s.

A real highlander, Feagles never missed a game in his 22-year career, and holds the record for most consecutive games played in history, with 352, which is incredibly impressive. His strong play lead us Giants fans to simply stop worrying about the punter position, as Feagles would consistently place the ball inside the 10-yard line, keeping opposing offenses with their backs against the wall.

Among the reasons Jeff decided to retire at age 44, he stated that his body was telling him it couldn’t do it anymore. Additionally, he is now going to be able to spend more time with his wife Michele, and be able to attend his sons’ games, the eldest of which is C.J. Feagles, who is a punter at the University of North Carolina at Chappel Hill. Let’s hope he is as good as daddy.

Master Feagles retires holding the following NFL records:

• Most consecutive games played;

• Most punts;

• Most punts inside the 20;

• Most punting yards.

Thanks for everything Jeff, be happy wherever you go, and please come back as the punters coach one day!!!!

Throwing into Coverage:

The Giants draft this season followed the trend set by Jerry Reese of adding value over need. Overall I like the players Reese got us, however, I really question the Pierre Paul pick. Not that JPP is not going to be a good player in this league, but just that I don’t think he was the best guy around for our team.

It is a fact the Reese needed to upgrade his defense, but it is also a fact that we did not need another defensive end. We have a gaping hole at MLB, so why not get Sean Wheatherspoon, who was picked by the Falcons at 19, and then still go and get Phillip Dillard in the 4th round? Reese made a decision not to resolve the MLB situation via free agency, and to do it through the draft instead, so why in Jeff Feagles’ name didn’t he try harder to get more playmakers at that spot? Maybe even trading up to get Rolando McClain wasn’t a reach. For these reasons I think Jerry Reese threw into coverage with the first pick.

Now, with that being said, I really like Phillip Dillard. There is something about the way he speaks that really calms me down, and the fact that he is a compulsive film studier almost gives me tears of joy. Add that to the fact that all our other guys are mediocre at best (I hope they prove me wrong, though) and we have an heir to Antonio Pierce’s kingdom.

Automatic First Down

The Matt Dodge pick was a smart move. Knowing about Feagles’ retirement, and having only an Australian who doesn’t even understand the rules of the NFL as the punter, I was pretty nervous about this position, so Jerry Reese got an automatic first down on this.

Finally, another great move by Big Blue was the signing of undrafted free agent LT Dennis Landolt. Dennis was a 3-year starter at Penn State, playing 39 consecutive games, and never missing a practice. Moreover, Landolt is extremely smart, having achieved two degrees in five years of college (Supply Chains & Information Systems and Economics).

This is the kind of player the Giants need in their squad: smart, hard-working guys who will provide depth for our veterans, pick their brains, and maybe in a few years even become full time starters.

This is all for now,  see you on my next time out.

Saulo Padua –


  1. robdomaine says:

    Hey Saulo, good stuff buddy. I completely agree with you about Jeff Feagles. This guy absolutely deserves to go into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Since he spent about 1/3 of his career with Big Blue and won a Super Bowl with them, it will be interesting to see if he goes in as a Giant. I think he will.

    I’m torn on the Pierre-Paul pick in round one because of all of the talk of his lack of experience but I like what I have seen from the guy so far. I’m rooting for him to do well and excited to see him on the field. I also agree with you about the Matt Dodge pick. I’m gad that you brought up someone that I am unfamiliar with in Dennis Landolt. I have him listed on the roster but didn’t really know much about him. I will now look deeper into his career because you approve of him.

  2. Padua says:

    Hey Rob, glad you liked the piece. I’m not really worried about JPP’s lack of experience, as he probably won’t play much this year anyway. He’ll have the proper time to learn a thing or two.

    About Dennis Landolt, here is an article that might help you know more about him:

  3. robdomaine says:

    Also Saulo, great idea about bringing back Feagles to be the punting coach!!

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