New Meadowlands Stadium Wins Bowl Bid

The NFL, in the annual owners meetings; this year being held in Dallas, voted today between Miami, Tampa, and New York as the host cities for the 2014 Super Bowl. As I mentioned yesterday, all indications pointed to the New Meadowlands Stadium as the victor and indeed it was. Reports indicate that Miami was eliminated for the discussion first and after four ballots New York came out on top. The real significance is that it will be the first outdoor cold weather Super Bowl and for that many doubters are upset. They do have a fair point, I mean could you really see David Tyree making the catch if the field was covered in snow? But, the game was designed outdoors in the bitter cold and for football purists everywhere this is indeed a victory.

There is no way to tell if this ruling will have any implication on the  future of the game as far as Super Bowl locations. Who knows maybe 2015 goes to Green Bay. My gut tells me this was a call made by the owners in an effort to show of the fruit of the stadiums owners Woody Johnson, John Mara, and Steve Tisch labor. It seems as though the league really wants to show off the brand new stadiums teams are building, and it could go along way to attracting bidders for the stadiums still not purchased naming rights. Either way, this is very exciting news for all three owners and nothing but good things can come of this.

Josh Berman-

2 Responses to New Meadowlands Stadium Wins Bowl Bid

  1. robdomaine says:

    Great job breaking this news for us Josh. This is very exciting and something the area can look forward to. That is going to be one heck of a party in New York and Jersey.

  2. robdomaine says:

    I’m so excited that the Super Bowl is finally coming to New York/New Jersey! This is something to look forward to for sure. Tickets are going to be near impossible to get.

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