Super Bowl XLVIII in the Year 2014 Exclusive

I’m so excited about the Super Bowl coming to the New York/New Jersey area that I had to write a story myself on this topic. One of our writers, Josh Berman, broke the news when it hit the wire and reading his article was the first I heard of it. We have to try and get tickets somehow (see the events tab up top for Super Bowl ticket lottery info). The Giants begin their 2010 season in their new stadium, which is tremendous from what I have heard about it. Josh Berman has been there and confirms that the place is awesome. The New York City and Hudson County, New Jersey areas will be rocking. Wouldn’t this be a great story if the New York Giants find themselves playing at home for the Super Bowl in 2014? I truly believe that Giants GM Jerry Reese has already decided to get the team there by any means necessary and if the Jets make it too, I will have to find a way to get to the game. A subway series in football would be historical (with the Giants winning of course).

I can tell you right now that Hoboken, New Jersey (check W Hotel in Hoboken for booking info soon) will be a hot spot during the 2014 Super Bowl. There will be some other areas such as Atlantic City which is a few hours away and all of Manhattan that will surely be celebrating. Actually, all five boroughs in New York will be celebrating I’m sure and upstate too. Grandfathers who haven’t left the house in three years will be on line for tickets to this Super Bowl. I can only pray that the true fans have an equal opportunity to get some tickets and they aren’t all given to the corporate world. This should be a game for the fans who have waited a lifetime for this chance to see a LIVE Super Bowl. Remember that subway service will be available and should be considered in traveling plans. I would hope that the Giants and Jets ownership take heed to my call. Put this one aside for the true fans and your rewards will be endless. If this is made up to be a bling event then it will be doomed, if it returns to good old hometown football then it will succeed, this advice is free.

Here is another part to that question, what if it does snow during Super Bowl XLVIII? What happens next? How do they prepare for it? Let me ask you something, what happens if this turns out to be the worst Super Bowl in history? How much of that blame would be placed on the location? What if the weather is clear but there is still a poor game played? Is that the location’s fault as well? Do you see what I’m getting at here? Personally, I think it will be a great game. The fans will energize both teams like never before in this area. Will there be jet packs for fans to get to the stadium in time for tailgating, in the year 2014? I guess we will have the wait and see Giants fans.

What do you think bout the New York/New Jersey area getting Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014? Are you concerned about the possibility of snow?

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    Let’s hear what you think!

  2. robdomaine says:

    Be sure to come back and check out the updates in a year or two lol or as they come up!

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