nygreporter.com Supports the Wounded Warrior Project

June 1, 2010

Hello Giants Fans, after attending the local Memorial Day parade yesterday and the ceremony honoring fallen American soldiers, I was inspired to look deeper into the Wounded Warrior project. The NYG Reporter supports several charities and will write an article from time to time to gain exposure for them. I cannot think of a better time to write an article on a very important charity which is the Wounded Warrior project.

The Wounded Warrior project provides injured soldiers with numerous programs and services to help them once they come back home. These men and women have made unimaginable sacrifices for our country and deserve to be provided with opportunities when they come home. Let’s be clear, these soldiers are not looking for a handout but an opportunity. There are many ways you can help the project (check out the link below, to go to the official website and see how you can help) but the easiest way may be to simply give a donation. You can also give them a call if you prefer at 877-TEAM-WWP or 904-296-7350. There are so many different charities in the world today and I’m sure that each has a special place in someone’s heart. I hope that this article will open some eyes to a great group that are doing the right thing for the men and women of our military.

You can find out all of the specific information you will need at the following link:


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