The New York Giants Preseason Begins Tonight

Hello Giants Fans,

The moment has finally arrived for the starving football fans. The Giants first preseason game will be played tonight in a brand new stadium against their inter-state rival, the Jets. Yes, I know the Hall of Fame game was played last Sunday and that there have been a lot of other preseason games that have been played throughout the week but we’re talking about New York Giants football here. We are roughly three hours away from kick off and officially starting the 2010 NFL season. Some people say that the season doesn’t start until the first regular season game but that is not how it was in my house. To me, the season begins tonight because the hits start tonight.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s article (Monday Night Football: The Battle for New York), I really enjoy the preseason games because I love to see the young players get on the field and fight for a starting role. Die hard fans spend the off season reading about and researching these players and once you have all of your homework on paper completed, the only thing left is to see them actually play. But seeing all of the player stats on paper doesn’t compare to seeing them on the field.

I also expect the stadium itself to receive a ton of coverage tonight. You don’t build a billion dollar plus stadium and not have a coming out party. I’m sure there will be plenty of “transition” material that will be worked in between commercials and the game itself.

One aspect of the stadium I found to be very cool is the lighting system. Someone had the terrific idea of using blue and green lighting to identify the home team instead of using paint. The lighting will be blue for the G-Men and green for the Jets. There is some concern surrounding the field turf. There were reports of players complaining about the turf after Giants WR Domenik Hixon went down with a season ending injury during minicamp. Apparently, there were some adjustments made to the turf and everything should be fine now.

Be sure to come back tomorrow and check out our analysis and enjoy the game!

Who is the King of New York football? The Giants or the Jets?

RD –


4 Responses to The New York Giants Preseason Begins Tonight

  1. robdomaine says:

    We are now one hour away from game time. The ESPN coverage begins now.

  2. Josh Berman says:

    I’m right there with ya Rob, got a house full of fans ready for kickoff! I truly hope we just beat the snot out of these guys, who said these games don’t count? To me this is a big one.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Josh, no doubt buddy. I’m sick of hearing the Jets talk talk talk. Yes, they are a good team but don’t know how to handle the minimal success they had last season. Watch Eli Manning get a quick TD throwing to the side where Revis should be. Revis will then be signed by the end of this week.

  3. robdomaine says:

    The Giants win!! Final score is Giants 31 – Jets 16. Check us out tomorrow for a full recap. Goodnight Giants fans!

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