Can the Giants Make it Six in a Row?

NEW YORK – I’m still spinning with joy from the beating Big Blue dished out to Seattle this past Sunday. That was such a great game to watch and I’m glad I can check the Seahawks off of the revenge game list. We owed them and paid them back tenfold. Now that the Giants have won their 5th straight game, the next question naturally becomes, can they win their 6th in a row? Since the Giants play the lowly Dallas Cowboys (that feels good to say) at home this Sunday, the answer is YES!

I have no doubt that the G-Men can and should beat the Cowboys this weekend. The Dallas Cowboys are having their worst season in almost twenty years and their owner Jerry Jones, just fired embattled head coach Wade Phillips yesterday. Not to mention, the Giants have already beaten the Cowboys this year, in Dallas. The Boys sit in the basement of the NFC East at 1-7 and have become one of the worst teams in the NFL. Oh yeah, the Giants also knocked QB Tony Romo out of the game and most likely for the rest of the 2010 NFL season. Romo was the 5th NFL QB knocked out of a game by the ferocious Giants defense. The G-men do not play dirty, rather they have been on this strange streak for reasons beyond our comprehension.

I do not believe the Cowboys will be able to overcome all of these issues on Sunday when they play the red hot Giants at home. I fully expect Big Blue to dominate the game and get to backup QB Jon Kitna early and often. The Giants are just the better football team at this point and experts have said the best team in the entire NFC. I agreed with the experts for once when they said that. The Giants have had a top 3 offense and defense for most of the season and they seem to get better each week. Everything just seems to be coming together for them in every area of the game.

The only issue with this team is the amount of turnovers they have given up this year. This is something Coach Coughlin will undoubtedly work on in practice. That is something the team can work on and correct but the injuries that have been piling up can’t be corrected so easily. The recent news about OL David Diehl’s torn hamstring, sends another solid player to the sidelines. With ten players already on the dreaded IR list, it is crucial to keep the remaining players healthy by any means possible.

The Giants are coming off a nice mid-season bye week, in week eight, that surely helped them rest up for a solid push into the playoffs. There is no doubt they have a tough schedule to close out the year with five divisional games but they are up to the task and should end the season at 11-5 or 12-4 from my estimations. As for the upcoming Cowboys game, I expect the Giants to win by 2 TD’s minimum and put on an exhibition of what a strong defense looks like.

Who do you think will win the Giants vs. Cowboys game this Sunday? What is your prediction for the final score?

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