Happy Veterans Day to all of our Readers

NEW YORK – Everyone here at the nygreporter would like to sincerely wish all of the veterans around the world, a very Happy Veterans Day. You are not forgotten!

There is nothing we can do but honor you all and give our sincerest thanks for all of your sacrifice. I have to admit that I get filled with pride every time I read about Head Coach Tom Coughlin doing something for the veterans. He has been a class act when it comes to this subject since he arrived in New York and as a fan, I really appreciate that. Coughlin is a hands on type of man, so he understands more then anyone what these soldiers, troops, airmen and sailors go through. Coughlin has visited the troops overseas and has done a tremendous job at letting those men and women know that they are not only appreciated but honored by those of us back home.

There are also a number of Giants players who have contributed to the cause and who share a very deep sense of patriotism. We salute all of you as well for your thoughtfulness and effort in giving those men and women a moment of peace and happiness. I’m sure that Wellington Mara is smiling down on all of you in the Giants organization.

The Giants (6-2) will play the Dallas Cowboys (1-7) this Sunday at 4:15 PM EST at New Meadowlands stadium.

RD – nygreporter.com

PS – As our readers know very well, we have been ending our articles with a link to the Wounded Warrior Project for quite some time, I hope that some of you will take the time to go to the website and see if there is anything you can do to support this worthy cause. If there was ever a prefect day to do so, today would be the day. Thank You!


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