12/9/11 Christmas DAC Day 9, Enjoy the Weekend

NEW YORK – Hello Giants Fans, here we are at the end of the week on a Friday and we’re just two weeks away from Christmas now. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for Christmas this year. I’m also excited for the game on Sunday Night Football. The Giants play the Cowboys, as you very well know and this is more then a regular season game, this is a make or break game for Big Blue. If the Giants win, their playoff hopes continue for another week and if they lose, they are most likely done. So win the game!

Let me be clear, the Giants can absolutely beat the Cowboys. Going into Texas and getting the job done is a whole other story entirely. The Giants are really in a bad spot with injuries and will need the rookies and second stringers to have the game of their lives in a hostile environment. Of course, the one thing the Giants have going for them is the incredible ‘choking’ streak of Cowboys QB Tony Romo. That should help tremendously when Big Blue takes the field. To be honest, I’m even nervous to give a final score prediction in this game. But since most of our readers expect me to make a prediction, I will say the Giants win by a TD 28-21.

DAC Fact

Did you know the New York Giants have 27 players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Some of them decided to go into the Hall under the wing of different teams but all of them played for Big Blue and some of them played their entire careers in New York. Two of the men inducted were actually not even players. Tim Mara and Wellington Mara were inducted as owners. The Giants have the second most players inducted. Tim Mara and Mel Hein were inducted as part of the inaugural ceremony in 1963. I expect the Giants to add many more players to the Hall of Fame before they are done. Nice going gentlemen!

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4 Responses to 12/9/11 Christmas DAC Day 9, Enjoy the Weekend

  1. bobbyg says:

    happy holidays rob,its a great time of year and we all know what us giants fans want.im excited about this game,but its a cautious excitement.im actually trying not to watch any sports channels the last month,but the media is all over this one,even here in florida.but since the eagles loss,my wife told me to take it easy and not watch the sports channels lol.this game to me could go either way.if the g-men are coming off a high note from the packers,it could be a tight competitive game.im almost certain that i dont want a close game,because to be perfectly honest,i dont trust the giants defense in a tight game, but of course i hope they fool me.the other scenario is the g-men dont show at all and get manhandled, and that i couldnt handle.the thing that scares me about the g-men,and im only being a realist when i say,they lost 4 in a row,and all of a sudden there going to win 4 in row at of the clear blue and turn it on.i know it could happen,but why now a sudden urgency.i really hope im wrong and the g-men go on that roll that would really make the holidays extra special.dont laugh at me,heres my prediction,giants 35-cowboys- 17.lets get to the playoffs fellow blue blood.

    • robdomaine says:

      Wow, that is a bold prediction Bobby and man do I hope you’re right. I think the G-Men can win but they have to play with a sense of urgency. Maybe the reality of the situation has finally set in and they understand that if they lose, there season is basically over. It will be another heart attack game in my opinion. We will find out tomorrow Bobby! Happy Holidays!

  2. bobbyg says:

    just to add on a happy note.all hands on deck,this could be the healthiest week the g-men had all season.unless the guys are really up this game.hey if we go down,lets go down swinging.

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