12/10/11 Christmas DAC Day 10, Double Digits

NEW YORK – I have been talking to some of our fellow Giants fans about the upcoming Cowboys game. The most important game of the year for Big Blue. I have been very surprised by some of the final score predictions being made. Three Giants fans have predicted a double digit victory for Big Blue, which means they think the Giants will win by 10 or more points. My own prediction has the Giants winning by a TD with the score of 28-21. I am making that optimistic prediction because the Giants are Road Warriors and they play in Texas. The Giants can and must win on Sunday night.

The Washington Redskins and Philadelphia “Dream Team” Eagles are both basically out of the playoffs already. They will not be doing anything but playing golf in January. There is a slim chance that they could get in if the Cowboys and Giants lose all of their final games but that is unlikely to happen. So the Cowboys have our full attention in the NFC East and they will be playing a very hungry New York Football Giants club.

DAC Fact

Do you know how many double digit wins the Giants have in 2011? So far (after 12 games), the Giants have only 2 double digit victories and the last one was in week three. This makes sense because each and every week feels like a close game and I’ve been on the edge of my seat for them all. The two teams the G-Men beat by double digits are the Eagles (29-16) and Rams (28-16). If some of the Giants fans are correct, Big Blue might get their third double digit win of the year on Sunday night.

What is your final score prediction for the Giants/Cowboys game?

RD – nygreporter.com

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2 Responses to 12/10/11 Christmas DAC Day 10, Double Digits

  1. bobbyg says:

    happy holidays rob.i was one of those double digit win enthusiasts sunday night for the g-men.for some strange reason,i believe the offensive game plan will be a mixed bag for gilbride to call this week,and i think the g-men will burn a dallas secondary all night.on the flip side of the coin,the giants defense will finally come through and even though i think the g-men will score high,the game will be competitive until the third quarter and i think jacobs will blow up in the third and fourth quarter.for some reason when this dude plays dallas he becomes otis anderson lol.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, you sure were one of the three that said Big Blue would win by 10 or more points. If you haven’t seen the injury report for this weekend, I suggest you don’t even look at who will not be playing lol it will only get your blood pressure up for sure. I agree with you about Jacobs and the Cowboys.

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