Giants Eli Manning traded to Eagles for Donovan McNabb

BREAKING NEWS: Eli Manning has been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for veteran quarterback Donovan McNabb. McNabb was signed this morning in New York for a reported 3-years and $42 million dollars. A press conference has been scheduled for 5 PM EST on Thursday. Reports coming out of Philadelphia are mixed, fans on the street have been burning both McNabb and Manning jerseys in the streets. A small group of people were seen running down the block in south Philly, throwing cheesesteaks at any car with New York license plates. McNabbs agent has said that his star QB will have no comment until the press conference later today.

In New York, Giants fans have reportedly begun gathering outside of the ESPN ZONE restaurant in midtown Manhattan. A local television station has reported that hundreds of Giants fans have arrived at the restaurant, all wearing blue Lawrence Taylor jerseys (No.56) in an apparent symbol of unity. One of the leaders of the group has said they plan to head to Philadelphia this evening but would not specify the reason for the trip. Dozens of female Giants fans have met in the new Meadowlands Stadium (Giants stadium) parking lot, apparently holding a candlelight vigil for Eli Manning. Other reports have come out that twin engine airplanes have been spotted over New York, pulling large banners that read “Bring Back Eli, We bELIeve!!”

One last piece of information, you might want to check out is today’s date, April 1, 2010. It’s APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!! LOL Gotcha!!!

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One Response to Giants Eli Manning traded to Eagles for Donovan McNabb

  1. robdomaine says:

    If you’re mad, that means you were fooled. I hope everyone here can take a joke lol because they say the sense of humor, is the last thing to go!

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