Happy Easter New York Giants Fans

Hello Giants Fans,

On behalf of the NYG Reporter, I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter Sunday. This is a time for family to come together every April and enjoy each others company. I hope that you and your families enjoy this day together. This year, Easter is also a reminder that the NFL Draft is now three weeks away. Soon all of the guessing and analyzing will be over and Giants fans will finally know the answers to all of their questions. Will it be LB McClain or LB Weatherspoon? Will it be DT Price or RB Spiller? No matter who the G-men take with the 15th overall pick, you have to like the moves that Jerry Reese has already made. The team wasted no time in addressing the areas of most concern and continue to surprise many by signing players, as early as a couple of days ago. I have faith in Jerry Reese and the staff. I know that they obviously have the teams best interest in mind and will make the right choices, according to the plan, when the time comes. That is still three weeks away, so for today, Happy Easter!

RD – NYGReporter.com

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