2010 New York Giants: The Defensive Ends

The ability to rush the passer is a very important thing. This is a philosophy the Giants have been following for a very long time. Surprisingly, the New York Giants have five defensive ends on the roster. Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck will no doubt get the starting roles. Both of them deserve to be the starters but Mathias Kiwanuka is no pushover. Kiwi could be a starter on many NFL teams right now. Having him as a quality backup is a luxury most teams cannot afford. Tuck and Osi will be a force in the NFL this year. I think Osi will be saying “Don’t call it a come back” and Tuck will be fully healthy and creating havoc. Throwing Kiwi in the mix and Clint Sintim on situational plays makes them even more dangerous. I am looking for a faster and stronger defensive unit in 2010.

I was surprised to see only five true defensive ends available on the roster. Chris Canty is a hybrid and Clint Sintim can draw down when need be but I expect this to be an area the team addresses in the draft. I would say in the middle rounds. There are a lot of guys with chips on their shoulders this year, which makes them all the more dangerous. I expect this Giants defense to make it back into the top five defenses in the NFL and the DE position will have a lot to do with making that happening.

What do you think about the current New York Giants defensive end situation? Is this an area you think they may address in the 2010 NFL Draft? Do you have any DE players in mind and in what round would you take them?

Here is a list of current New York Giants Defensive Ends:

1. Justin Tuck #91

2. Osi Umenyiora #72

3. Mathias Kiwanuka #94

4. Dave Tollefson #71

5. Tommie Hill #63

RD – NYGReporter.com

One Response to 2010 New York Giants: The Defensive Ends

  1. robdomaine says:

    The New York Giants drafted DE Jason Pierre-Paul with their first round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.

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