Former NY Giants RB Tiki Barber Blasted in Media

I’m not going to say this is comical, because there is nothing funny about this story. The New York Post has reported that former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber, has broken up with his eight month pregnant (with twins) wife for a 23-year old blonde intern. The news came as a shock to some because Tiki and Ginny, were married for 11 years. The way the media is attacking him now, this is going to be an enormous blow to Tiki’s ego and a story that has just started to catch fire. I expect there to be even more news on this story, daily, for the remainder of the week. The man will need to figure of what he is going to do. The New York media are going to harass him constantly over this one. Barber turned 35 years old yesterday.

A lot of people never forgot how Barber left the Giants or some of the things that he said about the team in the media. Some can’t forgive the bashing Tiki gave Eli, about the Super Bowl MVP Manning’s leadership skills, on national TV no less. He was a part of our team and a very good running back is how I will remember him. I will also never forget how he left the team though. I never quite got that bad taste out of my mouth after he left. Everyone will surely be waiting to hear what Barber’s reaction and explanation is going to be. Personally, I think it’s his business and something they will have to work out on their own.

What do you think about the Tiki Barber fiasco? Do you have love or hate for Barber?

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One Response to Former NY Giants RB Tiki Barber Blasted in Media

  1. robdomaine says:

    Update: Tiki Barber will not return to NBC to work on football games in 2010.

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