Should the New York Giants Still Trade Up for Eric Berry?

OK, here is the scenario. If you were Jerry Reese and learned that Kenny Phillips might miss the first 4-6 weeks of the NFL season, would you trade up and grab the future all-pro safety Eric Berry? Has the Antrel Rolle signing and obvious potential of Kenny Phillips when healthy made us focus elsewhere? If Antrel Rolle is clearly one starter, then who would the other one be? Michael Johnson? Deon Grant? Do you think it is a dead issue to consider the lethality of a healthy Phillips, Rolle and Berry. When all three are playing at an optimum level, it could change how backfields are used in NFL schemes. The Bermuda Triangle backfield.

Drafting Berry would let the Giants know one thing for certain, they would not need to do anything with the safety position for five or six years minimum. That’s not bad when you think about it. Eric Berry is clearly the best safety in the draft and he also had a very crisp and clean combine workout. It is not likely that the team would pursue this but I was very impressed with this young man. I think he has a very bright future in the NFL. I have Eric Berry going to Tampa Bay with the third overall pick. The last time I felt there was a player the G-men might move up for was Michael Crabtree. Clearly, that did not work out for the Giants or 49ers. I hope he has a very good year and proves the doubters wrong in 2010.

What do you think about the Giants grabbing yet another safety before the 2010 season? Will it or could it ever happen? If not Berry, then possibly safety Earl Thomas or Taylor Mays at pick fifteen? Maybe Chad Jones in round two? Is the safety discussion one that should be over with by now? What are your thoughts?

Eric Berry, Safety @ Tennessee

6’0″ 211 pounds, 4.47 – 40 yard time – tremendous athlete.

RD –

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