New York Giants: Seven Rounds in Seven Days, Rd.3

Are you beginning to get excited Giants fans? We are now only 4 days away from the 2010 NFL Draft. All of our research and investigation of players will soon be over and we will finally know who the G-men had on their radar all along. Big Blue had a busy week last week, they signed a few players and seem to be just about ready to enter the War Room and lock it down. I anticipate one or two more moves, on the teams behalf, before the draft this Thursday night. I don’t think it will be anything major but you never know with Jerry Reese. I am still not counting out a possible trade on draft day but it seems unlikely given Reese’s history of holding onto his picks.

In case you haven’t read the previous “Seven Rounds in Seven Days” articles, what we are doing is comparing Ernie Accorsi’s last three years as GM with the team and Jerry Reese’s first three years as the new GM. We are not comparing these men to find a winner but rather taking a look at the past six years and what rewards have come from their work. There are no winners in these comparisons, we are just doing something entertaining for the fans leading up to draft day.

OK Giants fans, let’s take a look at the New York Giants third round picks from the past six years.


Ernie Accorsi

2004 Draft – Round 3 – No picks available

2005 Draft – Round 3 – DE Justin Tuck

2006 Draft – Round 3 – LB Gerris Wilkinson

Jerry Reese

2007 Draft – Round 3 – DT Jay Alford

2008 Draft – Round 3 – WR Mario Manningham

2009 Draft – Round 3 – WR Ramses Barden and TE Travis Beckum


2010 Draft – Round 3 – Position Prediction – Defensive Tackle

This is a difficult round for me to decide between Accorsi and Reese but once again, I have to give it to Reese. I’m giving Reese the nod in round three because he drafted double the players and all of them are still on the team. I also like the fact that he was able to get two picks in round three last year. Defensive end Justin Tuck is a huge pick of course and we need to give Accorsi credit for scouting him. I never envisioned the Giants as a team that did a lot of deals during the draft. But after seeing how many picks are absent from Accorsi’s final three drafts, is really opening my eyes. Until I laid everything out like this, I had no idea that the team had been consistently giving up that many picks.

Another thing that stands out in my mind is exactly how young the G-men are. The New York Giants are a very young football team and about to get even younger next weekend. If you take a look at our previous articles, where we take a look at every position on the team, you will see that a lot of those positions are extremely young. A player with only four or five years of NFL experience is considered the veteran in those areas.

What do you think about the New York Giants third round picks for the past six years? Who would you give the round three crown to between Accorsi and Reese?

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