New York Giants: Seven Rounds in Seven Days, Rd.1

They say that all good things must come to an end. With that being said, we have reached the final day and round of our “Seven Rounds in Seven Days” segment. It has been a pleasure to do these comparisons for our readers and we hope you learned as much as we did. We are now only 2 days away from the 2010 NFL Draft. Although, I do not like the NFL experimenting with this new 3-day NFL Draft event, I am excited to have finally reached draft week. I believe that Roger Goodell will find it to be an unsuccessful venture and return to the traditional 2-day draft weekend that all football fans have grown to love. They are trying to generate an air of excitement for something that doesn’t need any promotion and it is coming off as an over dramatic soap opera. They are doing the same thing with releasing the 2010 NFL schedule TONIGHT at 7:00 PM EST. A 3-hour television event for releasing the 2010 schedule? Really Roger?

Be sure to check back with us tomorrow, as we do our final New York Giants draft analysis, breakdown and needs assessment. Then come back on Thursday when we begin our LIVE coverage of the 2010 NFL Draft for three days (rolls eyes) through Saturday.

Let’s take a look at the New York Giants first round picks for the past six years.


Ernie Accorsi

2004 Draft – Round 1 – QB Eli Manning

2005 Draft – Round 1 – No picks available

2006 Draft – Round 1 – DE Mathias Kiwanuka

Jerry Reese

2007 Draft – Round 1 – CB Aaron Ross

2008 Draft – Round 1 – S Kenny Phillips

2009 Draft – Round 1 – WR Hakeem Nicks


2010 Draft – Round 1 – Position Prediction – Linebacker

There are some very good players listed here for round one. This is going to be just as difficult to choose a winner, as it was in round two. With QB Eli Manning staring us in the face, I don’t know how we can choose Jerry Reese outright. Once again, Accorsi is missing a pick this round and Jerry Reese has held on to all of his. We have some Pro Bowl players listed here and some that have had extremely short NFL Careers thus far. WR Hakeem Nicks should have an outstanding season in 2010 and if Kenny Phillips can return healthy, he will be a force at the safety position. DE Mathias Kiwanuka continues to push his case for a starting role and if Osi talks his way out of New York, he will get his shot.

Taking everything into consideration from the history we have shown here, I have to give round one to Ernie Accorsi. Eli Manning is just too much to pass over because he is the cream of this crop and a Super Bowl MVP. CB Aaron Ross and S Kenny Phillips have had injuries that have limited their careers thus far but that isn’t Jerry Reese’s fault. Both of these players could have outstanding careers if they can remain healthy.

What do you think about the New York Giants first round picks from the past six years?

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