2010 NFL Draft: New York Giants Part 3

The waiting is almost over for NFL fans. We are now just about 24 hours away (4/22/10 7:30 PM EST) from “Day One” of the 2010 NFL Draft. I have heard complaints from many football fans about the new 3-day format for draft coverage and I agree with them. It’s too long Roger! I am of the opinion, that it will be short lived and the NFL will return to the traditional 2-day NFL Draft weekend by next year. Enough with the advertising revenue you expect to make from extending it to three days and think about the fans in this situation. At least, we hope you will. Tonight should be a night for all Giants fans to exhale. You’ve done your research, you know what the team needs are and there is nothing left to do but wait for the clock to start tomorrow evening.

All signs point to the New York Giants taking a linebacker with their first pick. The team cut Antonio Pierce earlier in the year and have yet to replace him. When I took another look at the linebacker position on paper, I found that they really aren’t in a desperate situation at all there. In fact, it might be one of the more deeper positions on the team, even if there are no star names attached to it. I’m convinced that the G-men will take a linebacker no later then day two, if not on day one. The most popular names being throw out there are LB Rolando McClain and LB Sean Weatherspoon. We will have to wait and see.

Some Giants fans have been talking about grabbing running back CJ Spiller with the first pick. Personally, I do not think the kid will be available that late in round one. I also do not think the team has to be concerned with the running back position this year. Jacobs and Bradshaw will be healthy and Ware and Brown will be there for depth. If I were giving odds on the Giants taking a running back in round one, they would be 50 to 1. Of course, if Spiller is staring them in the face at pick fifteen, it might be hard to overlook. If the team does take Spiller, then a current running back (possibly DJ Ware) will almost certainly be cut not long after.

One extremely interesting scenario would be if WR Dez Bryant is still around at the 15th pick (most experts predict that he will be). I seriously doubt the Giants would take wide receivers in back to back drafts but this kid could turn out to be something special. If the targeted linebackers and offensive linemen are off the board by the time Big Blue picks, I would not be surprised at all if the G-men took Bryant. And by taking Bryant, the team could then cut the recently re-signed Sinorice Moss. This is unlikely to happen but would not surprise me. You heard it here first, wink wink.

Other then the linebacker position, the Giants need some help with their offensive line. Not because the current linemen are poor players but because the team needs some depth in that area. I have serious doubts about LB McClain being available when the G-men pick, so the next logical area to explore would be the offensive line. The team will need to look towards the future and grab a Center or Guard for certain and probably one of each position. OT William Beatty seems to have gained the teams confidence with his play in 2009 and should see more playing time this year. Anything can happen on draft day and the rumors about a possible Osi Umenyiora trade continue to circulate the web. At this point, I’m exhausted and drained from all of the talk, rumors, speculation and analysis and I’m ready to get this thing started. What do you think? Are you ready for the 2010 NFL Draft?

Updated 2010 NFL Draft position predictions:

Round 1 – Linebacker

Round 2 – Offensive Lineman

Round 3 – Defensive Tackle

Round 4 – Cornerback

Round 5 – Offensive Lineman

Round 6 – Defensive End

Round 7 – Cornerback

Be sure to check back tomorrow for LIVE draft updates in our 2010 NFL DRAFT SPECIAL!

RD – NYGReporter.com

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