New York Giants Draft LB Phillip Dillard in Round 4

As a special surprise to the New York faithful, former Giants TE Mark Bavaro announced the Giants fourth round pick, LB Phillip Dillard. He is 6’0″ 245 pounds and played the ILB position with Nebraska. The Giants continue their defensive assault by grabbing a fourth consecutive defensive player. This was certainly a need for the team and something I knew would come sooner or later. We will have to do a little homework on Dillard and see where this inside linebacker fits into the scheme. I’m more convinced the Giants will make the current LB’s fight it out in training camp for the starting role. It’s nice to see a new player thrown into the mix.

Jerry Reese is having an outstanding draft so far through four picks. This might actually be a record for the Giants though. I cannot remember them ever taking four defensive players in a row. It is clear that Jerry Reese wants new defensive coordinator Perry Fewell to succeed. This is a wonderful example of a GM setting up his DC for success. Once again, Mr. Reese does not hesitate to attack a problem area and close the book on it. By Monday morning, Giants fans will have to nitpick at player depth at certain positions, because we all know that Jerry Reese has done everything he can do to improve this squad.

The Giants next pick in the fifth round at the 147th pick overall. I don’t see how Big Blue doesn’t go with an offensive lineman in round five. I have been saying this since round three though, so don’t mind me. I didn’t see them taking a DE in round one and it messed up the rest of my picks. With the remaining 3 picks, a CB is almost guaranteed for new DC Perry Fewell. Does that mean that the team will come away with only two offensive picks out of seven? Welcome to New York Phillip!

What do you think about the New York Giants selecting LB Phillip Dillard in the fourth round. Here is some video of him on the CBS Sports player profile.;DraftTrackerTable115

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3 Responses to New York Giants Draft LB Phillip Dillard in Round 4

  1. robdomaine says:

    The Giants are now 16 picks away from drafting at the 147th overall spot in Round 5. Jerry Reese has been making chess moves and seems difficult to predict during this 2010 NFL Draft.

  2. robdomaine says:

    The G-Men are now 3 picks away from making their round five selection. Will they take another defensive player or go grab their first offensive player of 2010.

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