New York Giants Sign WR Chris Davis 6/23/10

Just when you thought it was safe to step away for a breath, the G-men lock and load one more time. The New York Giants were awarded WR Chris Davis (5’10” 181 pounds) off waivers by the Cincinnati Bengals today. Davis, who has played with the Titans the past two seasons, is expected to contribute heavily in the return game. WR Domenik Hixon handled the punt return duties but he will miss the entire 2010 season with a torn ACL. The team will need to find a way to replace a very productive Hixon from the 2009 season.

I have to be honest and I mean no offense but I don’t remember hearing about the 26-year-old Chris Davis. I know that GM Jerry Reese is the magic man and can see talent where others might not be able to. If anyone knows something about Davis please leave us a comment below. All I know is that he is 26 years old and that he was a 4th round draft pick (Titans) in 2007. They don’t even have a jersey number listed for him yet. He remains a mystery man as far as I’m concerned until somebody can find out more on him.

Special teams seem like a very unlikely area of concern until you don’t have your regular players on the field. Between rookie punter Matt Dodge and punt returner WR Chris Davis in the mix, special teams will garner some extra attention during training camp in Albany. I expect the coaches will experiment with different looks on the field with different players. You can add special teams to the list, along with the LB battle I expect to start from day one, of interesting training camp battles in 2010.

Have you ever heard of WR Chris Davis before this article came out?

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