2010 NFL Draft: New York Giants Part 2

Now that we are 18 days away from round one of the 2010 NFL Draft, I thought we could re-asses the New York Giants and where the team is currently at. There has been some serious activity this off season and Big Blue will have a lot of new faces in the locker room and in the coaches offices. We did a story a few weeks ago (March 11, 2010), breaking down the 2010 NFL Draft and what positions were most needed. Oh my, how things have changed since then. The Giants have brought in some young talent as well as veteran leadership. The recent moves certainly shake up the “position by need” tree and what players could be drafted this month.

I have said that the safety position is our number one need since the 2009 season ended. The G-Men have thoroughly responded to that by bringing in Antrel Rolle and Deon Grant. They also cut safeties Aaron Rouse and CC Brown (good luck to both of them). At one point, I was seriously campaigning for the team to trade up and grab Eric Berry, but now, I no longer feel uneasy about that area of the team. Backup QB David Carr bolted for the 49ers and the Giants responded by signing career backup QB Jim Sorgi. This is an area that might need some tweaking. Sorgi might be a great study partner for Eli Manning but the team will still need a backup QB that can win games. I’m not convinced that Sorgi is the man for that job and I’m not sure if Jerry Reese will address that in the draft. My guess is that he won’t. The Giants released star middle linebacker Antonio Pierce and have yet to fill that leadership role on the team. This to me, is the most blaring need on this squad.

Other moves were made by the team but most of them were re-signings or cutting players who hadn’t made an impact.  From my point of view, the Giants will draft a middle linebacker and offensive lineman with the first two picks, it doesn’t matter which comes first or second, although my money is on them drafting a middle linebacker first. LB Rolando McClain and LB Sean Weatherspoon still top the list of potential draftees.

I will leave my draft predictions below on what order I think the positions will be drafted. Please fell free to do so yourselves in the comment area. I’m not Nostredamus over here and would love to hear all of your opinions.

RD – NYGReporter.com

2010 NFL Draft: New York Giants

1. Middle Linebacker

2. Offensive Lineman (Center)

3. Cornerback

4. Defensive Tackle

5. Running Back

6. Offensive Lineman (Guard)

7. Defensive End

2 Responses to 2010 NFL Draft: New York Giants Part 2

  1. JerseyAl says:

    Nice job Robert. Your articles are pretty thorough. One suggestion I would make is to break the habit of saying “we” or “our” when writing about the Giants. Always use “the Giants”, or “New York”, etc. Sounds more professional. I still have to correct myself once in a while, but if you focus on it, it will soon become a good habit. keep up the good work!


    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Al thanks buddy. That’s good advice and something I will remind myself to correct. I appreciate all of your help. This is why I’ve had you on my blogroll since the first day of NYGReporter.com

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