2010 New York Giants: The Wide Receivers

I would like to take a look at the New York Giants wide receiver group today. This was an area of great concern last year for many Giants fans before the draft began. General Manager Jerry Reese quickly addressed the situation by drafting WR Hakeem Nicks with the Giants first pick. As it turns out, the wide receiver group was a bright spot on a dark season in 2009. Eli Manning had a career year throwing the ball to this young group of talented receivers and I see no reason why that trend should stop in 2010. I took a look at the roster today and was surprised to see that the team has only seven wide receivers. There isn’t a single New York Giants WR that has more then 5 years of NFL experience. The New York Giants must have one of the youngest and most talented WR groups in the NFL.

The Giants are set with Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks as sure starters but things get a little foggy at the 3rd WR spot. Sinorice Moss has done very little since the team drafted him four years ago and I am surprised he is still on the team. Domenik Hixon has shown flashes of talent but lacks the consistency required to be a full time starter. Derek Hagan is a depth player who rarely sees action on the field. That leaves us with two final wide receivers on the squad, Mario Manningham and Ramses Barden. In my opinion, you have to give Manningham the nod over Barden, simply because he has more experience. Barden might turn out to be a very good NFL player but Manningham already is a very good player. Manningham needs to get a little more coaching and practice on the little things and he will be even more explosive.

It will interesting to see who is on the final roster come September 4, 2010. The two players that need to be concerned are Sinorice Moss and Derek Hagan. I’m not sure if both of these guys will be on the team for the 2010 season. I would not be surprised to see Jerry Reese grab a young wide receiver in the late rounds of the upcoming NFL Draft. Having TE Kevin Boss and TE Travis Beckum thrown into the passing attack allows the wide receivers to be even more proficient. I expect another great year from the New York Giants WR group. I have a strong feeling that this will be WR Hakeem Nicks breakout season.

What do you think about the 2010 Giants wide receiver group and who do you see as a potential late round WR pick (rounds 5-7)? I will leave a list of the current New York Giants wide receivers below.

1. Steve Smith #12

2. Hakeem Nicks #88

3. Domenik Hixon #87

4. Ramses Barden #13

5. Mario Manningham #82

6. Sinorice Moss #83

7. Derek Hagan #80

RD – NYGReporter.com

9 Responses to 2010 New York Giants: The Wide Receivers

  1. Kyle L. says:

    Travis Beckum is essentially a receiver and needs to be used as such in 2010. Barden is not a slot receiver so I dont even think he will be in competition for that role. It belongs to Manningham hands down. The top 4 receivers on the team should be Nicks, Smith, Manningham, Beckum. Every 4 wr set needs Beckum in it this year.

    In the red zone use Barden and also mix him in from time to time, but Beckum needs a role to create mismatches in this offense

    • robdomaine says:

      I like what you’re thinking about Beckum. He is still being used as a TE for now but he can easily transition into a WR. I agree with you that they need to get Beckum more involved but before they do that, they need to get Kevin Boss more involved. I think Kevin Gilbride sorely under used the tight end position in 2009.

  2. Padua says:

    Gilbride will never make the TE position a very utilized one, we all know that by now.

    Regarding the WRs, I think we are set for the long run with Smith and Nicks as the starters, with Manningham as No. 3. I think you underestimated Super Mario a little, because although he does need to improve (specially his routes), he already is a very talented WR. He is the kind of guy you can’t even tackle on a phonebooth.

    Sionorice Moss should no longer be a Giant this season, but Hixon and Hagan are valuable special teamers. Ramses Barden can be used to create missmatches, as Kyle said.

    However, I really don’t see a role on this offense for Travis Beckum. With Maddison Hedgecock being so crucial on the running game, Kevin Boss being such a good player, and the 3 WR tandem already set, what can Beckum bring to the table that is not already there?

    I can see us getting someone on the latter rounds of the draft to replace Moss, and I expect that JR looks for someone who can contribute more on special teams.

  3. robdomaine says:

    Gilbride needs to start using the TE’s we agree on something lol.

    I’m not underestimating Mario Manningham at all, I think he CAN be a great WR. I just don’t think he is there yet. Hopefully, he takes it to the next level in 2010 because we have all seen his explosion and YAC abilities. I want Madison Hedgecock to retire with the New York Giants. The guy understands football in New York. Beckum might need to become a red zone specialist. Beckum and Barden should be allowed to try a red zone offense, while both on the field.

  4. Kyle L. says:

    Boss wasn’t that underutilized. He had 42 catches and 6 tds. Whose receptions do you take away to give to Boss?

    Were not like Dallas where Witten is essentially a #2 target. We have several better options than Boss

    • robdomaine says:

      We are definitely not in the same situation as Dallas or any of the other 5 teams with the best TE’s in the game. Maybe it’s about time that the Giants did have an all-pro Tight End on the team. This safety valve for Eli Manning might be just the thing to put him over the top in career numbers.

  5. krandall says:

    The NY Giants are crazy if they believe there receiving core is good enough to be beneficial to them next season. I’m a Life Long Giants fan from NE and I get an unusual outsider perspective on the team. Steven Smith is a slot-receiver in this league and that only (perhaps the best in the league). He lacks the YAC, speed, and hands for the deep ball. He also doesn’t consistently beat elite corners. Hakeem Nicks, although a bright young player is a number two starter in the league (again perhaps the best). He brings explosiveness, speed, YAC and the ability to make a defense pay. However, he’s too small to be respected and force double teams from defenses. I think Nicks is a great compliment to a future #1 reciever. Manningham is a number 4 and Barden has evidently not proven himself to the coaching staff and has been cited as having poor speed and route running, therefore I just don’t think he’ll ever be a viable home-run threat. To remedy the receiver situation and sow it up for the long haul, THE GIANTS MUST ACQUIRE/DRAFT a legitimate number one receiver with height, speed, hands, and route-running. As of now the receiving core is in my view the only things keeping them from the superbowl in 2011. I already lament the giants passing up Marshall…However, If I were in management I would offer the two second round picks for Jackson despite his suspension because of his obvious status as a number one receiver who can take over a game, further he is a young and could be in NY for almost a decade suring up the core for the longterm. Jackson also can bring veteran skills to a young hungry bunch of Giant receivers. If this move was made, I believe the Giants would have the best receiving core in the league equipped with a legitimate threat that everyone has to respect in Jackson, A man who will always require attention in Nicks, and the best slot in the league in Smith to pick up first downs. Doing this will reassert Eli’s strengths because having a man who can stretch the field and strike fear in the heart of defenses will garner the return of the play-action passing game allowing for big plays and big runs from a now completely game planned against Jacobs. This will also open the door for home runs by Bradshaw. Without a move to acquire an #1 receiver, teams will simply continue the concensus strategy from last year, which was to load up against Jacobs and force the Giant receivers to beat your corners, where in big games the core came up continually short. Finally, I would also offer a contract to Amani Toomer to play as a #4 receiver and provide veteran leadership and his vast knowledge, further with limited playing time, he could remain fresh for the play-offs in case of injury, and we know that by inserting him into a game for an injured player, you don’t lose a step, in fact you may gain something. I would also place a greater emphasis on utilizing Boss in the redzone (although unlikely for our offense). For number #5 I would sign Barden on potential and redzone usage. This is the way I see our core at optimum with our receivers and resources available in the league.

    1. Vincent Jackson
    2. Hakeem Nicks
    3. Steve Smith
    4. Amani Toomer
    5. Ramses Barden
    6. Mario Manningham
    7. Derrick Hagan

    With this aforementioned core, I believe that the Giants would not only win the superbowl, but with their personnel rich defense they may have an outside shot of a perfect season much like in the year following 07 with Plaxico Burress. This Giants team is phenomenal but as it currently stands, I see it’s achilles heel lying in their current receiving core.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hello Krandell, I completely agree with you about getting another weapon for QB Eli Manning. If the G-Men were to get WR VIncent Jackson, they would be immediately upgraded to a top receiver group in the NFL. I agree with your assessment of WR Steve Smith, he has shown to be much more then that though. I think he would feel more comfortable in the slot doing his thing.

      I have been wanting Big Blue to trade with the Lions for WR Calvin Johnson for 3 years now. He would be a perfect fit for the Giants offense and Easy Eli will finally have his superstar WR. I disagree with you about WR Hakeem Nicks. I think Nicks separates himself from the pack i 2010 and makes the pro bowl. Hakeem Nicks can become a number one WR for sure in my opinion. Manning is coming off a career year and will need to at least duplicate those numbers to make the playoffs. I expect the running game to be much improved from 2009 with healthy RB’s Jacobs and Bradshaw and the game of RB Andre Brown. They will represent the three headed monster on the ground.

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