2010 New York Giants: The Cornerbacks

After taking a look at the roster and seeing the current New York Giants cornerbacks, I am convinced that the team will draft a cornerback in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft. The Giants currently have seven cornerbacks on the roster. It looks like Terrell Thomas and Corey Webster will get the starters roles. Aaron Ross has to return from an injury plagues 2009 season that limited him to very few games. Ross has all-pro potential but now finds himself in a position of having to prove himself again. It will be interesting to see how he responds.

After the starters and immediate backups, it gets a little foggy to me. This leads me to believe it does the same for the coaches and I am confident this will translate into a top three pick in the upcoming 2010 NFL Draft. Bruce Johnson seems to be the best of the remaining bunch and I look for him to have an improved season. I remember Courtney Brown from his draft day and had him targeted as a possible Giants pick that year. He will have to live up to his potential and make a name for himself. The CB area was a major concern during the 2009 season. It was second place, only to the safety position as far as need this year. This is an area that hasn’t fallen off of my radar and I think Jerry Reese will grab a real talent by round three.

New DC Perry Fewell is a defensive back guy. He is going to change things for the Giants and make them a formidable unit for opposing Quarterbacks. The expectations on Fewell this year are pretty high from all of the street chatter I hear. Everyone knows that the DB’s are Perry Fewell’s area of expertise and expect that group to have an overnight improvement.

What do you think of the current New York Giants cornerback situation and who do you see as a potential 3rd round draft pick at the CB position for BIg Blue?

Here is a list of the current New York Giants Cornerbacks:

1. Terrell Thomas #24

2. Corey Webster #23

3. Aaron Ross #31

4. Bruce Johnson #25

5. DJ Johnson #29

6. Courtney Brown #37

7. Vince Anderson #45

RD – NYGReporter.com

6 Responses to 2010 New York Giants: The Cornerbacks

  1. Padua says:

    I don’t see us getting a CB in round 3. Maybe round 4 or 5, but my guess is that round 3 will bring us an O-lineman.

    Regarding our current group, I really don’t think we need much improvment here. Webster is elite, he just needs to find his game back this year. Terrel Thomas proved to be very effective, and refreshingly physical. Aaron Ross is a great player that, if healthy, is a sure starter in most of the teams in the league. Bruce Johnson is a serviceable player, and sufficiently talented for the No. 4 spot.

    I would rather see us getting 2 LBs in rounds 1 and 4, while we get a DT in round 2 and an o-lineman in round 3.

    We need drastic change at the LB position, I just can’t stand having to put up with the soft play of Danny Clark and a banged up Michael Boley, or Bryan Kehl, or Chase Blackburn, Jon Goff, and don’t even get me started on Gerris Wilkinson.

    We have been dealing with subpar players at this position for quite some time now, and we need change there, serious change!

  2. robdomaine says:

    It’s funny your should say that lol take a look at my latest story about the offensive lineman. I must have been writing it while you sent this comment.

    I see it like this in the draft

    1. MLB
    2. OL
    3. CB
    4. LB
    5. DT
    6. RB
    7. OL

    You make a good point about trying to stack LB’s in rounds 1 and 4. I wouldn’t be opposed to doing that either. The Giants would still have to draft an offensive lineman and cornerback before they did a second LB in round four. Defensive tackle would have to be pick number five for the G-Men. How does the draft order look to you?

  3. Kyle L. says:

    Perrish Cox round 4. Id also be tempted, should be secure the MLB spot, to trade back up into round 1 or high round 2 to grab kareem jackson or Kyle Wilson. Wilson will be off the board soon after #20 though.

    Like I said, Perrish Cox in the 4th

  4. robdomaine says:

    Did you pick Kyle Wilson because his name is Kyle and your name is Kyle? LOL!!!!!

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