2010 New York Giants: The Defensive Tackles

After taking a look at the defensive tackle position today, I am convinced that the New York Giants will take a DT by the 5th pick of this years NFL Draft. The Giants currently have six defensive tackles. The two that I see starting by the beginning of the 2010 season are Barry Cofield and Chris Canty as the starters. Jay Alford, is a more then capable (could start on most teams) backup and fill in. Alford is followed by Rocky Bernard who has something to prove to his fans and the team. This is a make or break year for Bernard in New York and I hope he does well. I don’t know much about the other two, Anthony Bryant and the rookie Dwayne Hendricks. They are both young DT’s and will remain on the team if the coaches see something.

The question marks here are simple. Will Chris Canty live up to his potential in New York and become a legend? or will he play half the year and sit half the year injured? Only time will tell. I am rooting for him to do well because without his part of the puzzle completed, the rest might be in for a struggle. Jay Alford can handle his business and slash to the quarterback abruptly. Fans are eager to see how he returns from his season ending injury last year. Rocky Bernard needs to get back to playing football. If all of these guys are healthy and can do their jobs, the Giants will be fine. Bryant and Hendricks will have to make some noise and get recognized before I can say anything about these two young players. Other then Rocky Bernard, with eight years of NFL experience, the rest of the defensive tackles have no more then 5 years of NFL experience. This is also an area where the Giants are getting younger.

In my opinion, the New York Giants will draft a defensive tackle in the fourth round of the 2010 NFL Draft. If not, then a DT will be drafted in the fifth round at the latest. I think Bryant and Hendricks are fighting for a fifth spot on the roster, with one of them eventually being cut. I see Rocky Bernard as possible trade material. A lot of fans were very disappointed with Bernard’s first year in New York. What do you think about the current New York Giants defensive tackle situation and who do you see as a possible draft pick at the DT position during the mid-rounds?

Here is a list of the current New York Giants defensive tackles:

1. Barry Cofield #96

2. Jay Alford #93

3. Chris Canty #99

4. Rocky Bernard #95

5. Anthony Bryant #75

6. Dwayne Hendricks #74

RD – NYGReporter.com

10 Responses to 2010 New York Giants: The Defensive Tackles

  1. Kyle L. says:

    Second or 3rd imo. Reese spent nearly 60 mil on the DT position last offseason and had an $80 million on the table for Haynesworth before that. I didnt see anything that would have told Reese that the position is secure. The value is best for DT in that round. They will be the BPA at that time and will be worth the pick. I like Tyson Alualu out of Cal or Lamar Houston out of Texas, 2 names I have been on for months now for that pick. In round 3 maybe Torell Troupe out of UCF, or like a Arthur Jones out of Syracuse.

    The Giants will exit round 4 with 2 among Alualu, Houston, Troupe, Jones, Tennant, or JD Walton. I would be shocked if they didn’t take one of those centers. And DT, as I have argued for some time, is not as good as you think it is.

    You have 1 highly payed 3-4 end who got hurt, one decent 2 down player, and a guy coming off major surgery in Alford. Bernard will be lucky to make the team. He was one of Reese’s bigger mistakes. Move on from him hes terrible.

    There isn’t a lot there. I would sooner start Justin Tuck at defensive tackle this way Kiwi and Osi could both play end and have Canty and Cofield battle out the other starting spot. This was the vision of Steve Spagnuolo. Get your best players on the field. He started Kiwi at OLB to make that happen, he used Tuck at DT to make that happen.

    The Giants need to start living that vision again. And right now there is a hole in the talent at the DT position.

  2. robdomaine says:

    You might be right about a second or third round pick. I have it at 4th pick. It will absolutely be in the top half of the draft. I’m glad that your dropping names for me to investigate. You’re like the stats guy on PTI.

    I haven’t done my segment on DE’s yet but will soon. Feel free to do your own assessments here as well. It doesn’t matter if the subject is repeated. We need Canty and Alford to have great seasons besides bringing in young talent.

  3. Kyle L. says:

    Troupe or Jones MIGHT be available at 4. I cant say for certain.

    But your right Canty must prove something to me this year.

  4. robdomaine says:

    DT Anthony Bryant was cut by the New York Giants.

  5. robdomaine says:

    The New York Giants drafted DT Linval Joseph in round two of the 2010 NFL Draft.

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